Pope Francis just opened the path for the canonization of the first saint from the millennial generation, Carlo Acutis.

Carlo Acutis Saint

As noted in this TikTok video posted by user @dailymail, Acutis, an Italian teenager from London, will reportedly become the first millennial saint. During his time on Earth, Acutis used his computer skills to spread the Catholic Faith, as noted here. According to this other article, Acutis also dropped a website with the purpose of documenting every reported Eucharistic miracle.


Carlo Acutis, who died aged 15, was given the nickname ‘God’s influencer’ as a result of his work online promoting God before his death. Carlo told his parents that he was happy to die because he lived his life ‘without wasting a minute of it.’ #popefrancis #saint #millennial #london #religion #rip

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As the video claims, the teenager performed miracles from beyond the grave. Acutis died back in 2006 after a battle with leukemia but it was recently revealed that he performed two miracles, and is being referred to as “God’s influencer.” (noted here)

His first miracle is being reported as healing a Brazilian child of a congenital disease. This was recognized back in 2020 by the Pope. The second approved miracle involved the healing of a student in Italy from a brain bleed. This second miracle qualified Acutis for canonization.

Millennial Saint Meaning

Millennial Saint means, the “first saint of the millennial generation” as outlined here. Acutis will now be elevated to sainthood but the timing for this process has not yet been revealed.

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