Allegedly, word on the street is that Justin Bieber reportedly fired Scooter Braun- who was his manager.

Justin Bieber Scooter Braun Drama Alleged

According to this TikTok video posted by user @laurenisgossip, rumor has it that Justin Bieber seemingly confirmed he fired Scooter Braun.

Scooter recently took to social media to share that he has retired as a manager at the age of 42. He began his career at the young age of 19. Braun managed high-profile celebs such as Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Carly Rae-Jepsen, among others, in the past.

Justin Bieber Scooter Braun Post

As the TikToker in the above clip notes, it’s alleged that Bieber fired Braun and put him into “retirement.” One of Bieber’s reps recently confirmed he is not with Braun but Braun shared the news over on IG where he wrote that one of his “biggest clients and friends” told him that he wanted to “spread his wings and go in a new direction.”

Fans think he is talking about Bieber as the duo have been together for over a decade, as outlined in the post. Bieber met Braun when he was only 12 years old.

Although we don’t know for sure why the pair split as client and manager, the TikToker claims that it could be because of Baby Bieber, since Hailey is pregnant with the couple’s first child. The TikToker alleges that maybe Justin does not want people around his child who sold him out as a child. As a result, maybe Bieber is cutting people out of his life for the sake of his baby on the way.

Again- this is alleged. What are your thoughts on the rumored claims surrounding Braun and Bieber?

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