Why Did Tom Brady Tell Jeff Ross To Stop During Roast

During the Tom Brady roast airing live on Netflix this Sunday, cameras caught Tom Brady getting up to tell Comedian Jeff Ross not to say “that shit again”. So what did Jeff Ross say that made Tom Brady get up to steer him in a different direction?

Tom Brady got up right after Jeff Ross had made a joke about Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Tom Brady. During the joke, Jeff Ross said that after Tom was drafted he went straight to Robert Kraft and said this is the greatest decision this organization has made and that then “he offered him a massage.”

Why did Tom Brady Tell Jeff Ross To Stop Roast

Tom Brady Jeff Ross Roast Robert Kraft Joke

Right after Jeff Ross said the word massage, Tom Brady quickly got up and said into Jeff’s ear to “not say that again”. Jeff just said alright, alright and switched directions during his roast. One can imagine that this joke was in reference to Robert Kraft allegedly getting a hand job at a massage parlor in 2019. At the time he was charged but charges were dropped upon investigation.

This Sundays roast of Tom Brady, is a special live edition with many celebrities in attendance. Kevin Hart is hosting the Roast titled “The Roast of Tom Brady.” The comedians roasting Tom include, Tom Segura, Nikki Glaser, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Drew Bledsoe, Andrew Schulz, Bert Kreischer, Tony Hinchcliffe and Sam Jay.

Tom brady Jeff Ross Robert Kraft joke

Other celebrities in the audience and on stage include Kim Kardashian, Robert Kraft, Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Chelsea Handler and more.

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