Russell Crowe is not a happy camper.

June 13, 2024- Actor Russell Crowe does not seem over-zealous about the upcoming historical drama Gladiator II, starring Paul Mescal and Denzel Washington.

In an interview on the U.S. podcast “Kyle Meredith With…”, Crowe said “I’m slightly uncomfortable, the fact they’re making another one, you know? Because of course, I’m dead, and I have no say in what gets done.” (here)

The Original Gladiator Film

Crowe, 60, starred in the original “Gladiator” film in 2000, directed by Ridley Scott.

Crowe’s performance led him to win an Oscar for Best Actor for his role as Maximus, the titular Roman gladiator.

At the time, Crowe was 35 years old and went on to play lead roles in critically acclaimed films, such as “A Beautiful Mind” and “Cinderella Man”.

The film would also launch Scott’s and Crowe’s collaborations, as they have worked together on four films since the release of “Gladiator”.Russell Crowe is "uncomfortable" with new Gladiator film

“I reflect back on the age I was when I made that film and all the things that came after it and the doors that particular movie opened for me,” Crowe said. “So there’s definitely a tinge of jealousy, because I remember when I had tendons.” (here)

Death of Russell Crowe’s Character “Maximus”

Unfortunately, Maximus’s character died at the end of the film, leaving little to no room for Crowe to reprise his role in any sequels or spin-offs.Russell Crowe is "uncomfortable" with new Gladiator film

“I can’t say anything, that’s not my place. I’m six feet under,” Crowe said.

This time around, “Gladiator II” will focus on Mescal, 28, as the Emperor’s grandson, who died in the first film.

The New Gladiator, Paul Mescal

Mescal first became popular in 2020 with the miniseries “Normal People”, which won him the British Academy Television Award for Best Actor in 2021.Russell Crowe is "uncomfortable" with new Gladiator film

Since then, Mescal has starred in eight films, including “All of Us Strangers” alongside actor Andrew Scott, which won eight awards since its release.Russell Crowe is "uncomfortable" with new Gladiator film

Ridley Scott also directed and co-produced the upcoming film, with stars Pedro Pascal, Barry Keoghan, and Djimon Hounsou in supporting roles.

There is no official trailer for the film, but fans can expect to see the film in November of 2024.

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