In case you missed it, after a slew of internet protests, actor Kahiau Machado will no longer play Nani’s love interest David in Disney’s ‘Lilo and Stitch’. HOLR breaks down what’s going on and who the new actor for David will be.

What’s wrong with the previous David actor?

Kahiau Machado, who was initially chosen to portray David in the live-action remake of Disney’s ‘Lilo and Stitch’, was slammed online after he shared a Spotify playlist that contained a racial slur. He was previously cast as David on April 17th but has to step down from the role once his racial slur was discovered. Allegedly, fans have also found out that Machado had an Instagram post containing the n-word and a Facebook post in which he compared himself to Black American heroine Rosa Parks.

Old David

Image credit: Instagram/@kahiaumachado

David is the surfer and fire dancer who becomes close with Lilo’s sister, Nani. In the cartoon version, he is depicted as a brown-skinned, athletic, ocean-loving guy. When the news surfaced weeks ago that Machado was chosen to play David, social media users were quick to accuse Disney of colorism, white-washing, and Eurocentric beauty standard since Machado was light-skinned.

It is believed that fans could also demand that Sydney Agudong, who is slated to play Nani, be recast since she is light-skinned too.

Who is going to replace Kahiau Machado as David?

According to Just Jared, Hollywood newcomer Kaipo Dudoit will be the new David.

New david

Image credit: Instagram/@kaipodudoit

Will the original voice actors be in the live-action?

Some of the original voice actors from the cartoon version are slated to be involved in the live-action remake. Tia Carrere, the voice actress of Nani, will play a new character this time around–a child service agent named Mrs. Keoka. There is also a rumor that Chris Sander, the voice actor for Stitch, is in negotiation to come back. Additionally, Courtney B. Vance will return as Cobra Bubbles.

Production is currently underway in Oahu.

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