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All around the world, the tattoo removal industry has been making impressive advancements in both the experience and the effectiveness of laser treatments, leading to a boom in the tattoo removal market.

Yet, there’s one place that’s fast becoming the go-to location for the very best in laser tattoo removal: London.

Why is London the best place for tattoo removal? 

England’s capital has a long and respected tradition of being a centre of excellence in many fields, industries and arenas. Thanks to some revolutionary new clinics and technological advancements, London is now leading the way when it comes to the latest and best in modern laser procedures.

The best London tattoo removal studios have become a gold standard of what’s possible in terms of laser treatments. By investing in the latest technology, the respected London clinics have emerged as the best choice for people who are looking not only for effective tattoo removal, but also for a pleasant experience and a cost-effective price point. 

What do London tattoo removal clinics do differently? 

The world of laser tattoo removal has changed dramatically in recent years. The days of painful procedures or excessive scarring are a thing of the past when opting for the best London clinics. 

Not only are the top studios pioneering effective and near-painless tattoo removal results, but they have also elevated the entire experience of putting unwanted ink choices behind you. 

Far from the cliched image of tattoo parlours or harsh clinical procedures, many of the best London tattoo removal studios offer a service that feels more like a luxury spa visit or top-notch medi-spa experience. 

Along with industry-leading results, the top London laser clinics are also leading the way in patient care and the entire tattoo removal journey – however many sessions are required. 

With expertly trained staff, relaxing environments, the latest technology and a commitment to the highest standards of aftercare and patient wellbeing, it’s little surprise that London is becoming the go-to place for laser tattoo removal. 

How effective are London laser clinics? 

While the upgraded experience makes the tattoo removal procedure much more pleasant and enjoyable than it has typically been in the past, what really matters for most people is how effectively their old ink will be put behind them. 

The good news is that at the heart of the London clinics’ success stories is the effectiveness of the latest treatment procedures. 

By utilising the latest breakthroughs in laser technology, the best studios are able to offer far more impressive results than the old procedures would allow. For example, issues such as skin tone and ink colour used to be problematic and limit the treatment’s effectiveness, but even these can now be treated successfully using the new laser tech. 

How long do the new procedures take? 

As pioneers of the latest laser technology, London clinics can now offer effective tattoo removal treatments in a fraction of the time required using the old methods. 

One of the most positive aspects of the recent innovations is the massive reduction in scarring and skin damage during the procedure. This makes the entire experience more pleasant and painless for the individual, but it also allows for more regular repeat visits in a shorter timeframe

When the skin needs less time to heal in between sessions, it’s possible to complete all the required visits much more quickly. So even the most challenging tattoos can be removed faster and more effectively, while also avoiding scarring and painful skin damage. 

How to choose the best London laser tattoo removal studio

If you’ve recently decided to get rid of an old tattoo, or you’ve wanted to do it for a while but have previously been put off by stories of unpleasant experiences, the emergence of these new centres of excellence within the capital are good news. 

But how do you go about finding the best London clinics and choosing the right one for you? 

One way is to do an online search, which can also reveal some testimonials and reviews of customer experiences. These can give you a good indication of the kind of results you can expect and also what level of service and care you’ll experience. 

There is one crucial aspect to look out for – if you want to take advantage of all the benefits the latest laser technology can deliver, make sure that the studio you choose uses this new method. An easy way to check is to call up your preferred studio and ask them which laser technology they use – if they’re proud advocates for the latest innovations, they’ll be only too delighted to tell you all about it. 

While London offers a vast array of laser tattoo removal options, it’s encouraging that the very best treatments are available for anyone looking to say goodbye to their tattoo choices of the past.

Published by HOLR Magazine.