Although January and February are perfect months for booking a trip to a ski lodge, it’s in March when skiing is the most magical. 

In December, it’s possible for terrain to still be closed and still anticipating snow. In January, snowstorms and sleet cycles can cause places to have slippery ice; and February weather consistently has ups-and-downs. Even though the calendars say March is spring, it’s still the perfect time to ski.

For many regions in North America, March is a month of heavy, Winter Wonderland-like snow. March’s warm sunshine and clear skies combined with lesser travellers makes it the perfect time for combining a ski trip with a nature detox. You can have a barbeque night, relax in a hot tub, and even go biking or hiking. 

Here’s a list of our favourite places to go for mid-March skiing:

Alta, Utah


Said to have one of the longest snow seasons in America, Alta’s snow remains consistent throughout winter and early spring. This, combined with its north-facing terrain, makes Alta’s snow preserve its powdery nature, making it a perfect place for late season skiing.

Winter Park, Colorado

At an elevation of 12,000ft and 50% of its terrain facing north, it’s no secret why Winter Park, Colorado, is a favourite for travellers across North America. The park is known for its intermediate level slopes, easy going atmosphere, and even a series of expert level slopes.

Fernie Alpine Resort, British Columbia

Fernie in BC, Canada, is known for its powder snow, hot springs, and small town bars. Although the city itself is a dream for anyone who loves winter, it’s especially wonderful for skiing travellers.

Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise

Springtime skiing in the Rockies is an experience that has made its way onto the bucket list of countless people. Alberta’s balmy winds and warm sunshine, combined with its powdery snow and ski slopes ensure that springtime visitors get the best of both worlds. When you’re not skiing, you can even go snowshoeing, snowtubing, and winter sightseeing.

Published by HOLR Magazine.