UAB Kilo Grupe prides itself on its people. From the beginning, the digital health company was calling out to all the original thinkers, and it continues to do so as it grows into a team of 700+ experts. This might be an odd approach for some when conformity is often much easier to manage.

“We seek out people who are bold, independent, ambitious, and hungry for growth – experts who are excited to take 100% ownership, deliver clear results, and take pride in their craft,” says Ilona Bernotaite, Chief People Officer of the company.

The philosophy behind UAB Kilo Groupe

The teams at Kilo Grupe don’t abide by the old-fashioned rules that the boss is always right. The company invites newcomers to stay authentic to themselves and bring their unique perspectives to the table.

As the company’s CEO, Tadas Burgaila, says: “Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Try to hush the voice in your head that there are people who are more clever or better than you. You can bring a lot to the table. It’s the mindset that drives success.” 

And the company expects the same attitude from everyone who joins it: they must look out for new opportunities and generate creative solutions. In return, the employees get to choose who they want to be, and the company provides growth-focused career crafting.

One example is Monika Jura Jakuciuniene, who started as a brand manager for one of the company’s products. She quickly shifted to a reputation manager role, and now she’s the company’s Head of Communications.

Her range of expertise and willingness to move between different roles allowed her to shape her career. “Dream carefully because it does come true… if you want it badly enough,” she says.

The path of growth

Kilo Grupe UAB is a community with a strong culture, and its people are independent and take ownership of their work. 

Vilius Kiseliauskas joined Kilo Grupe in 2019, when only 30 people were working in the company. He started as a Facebook performance manager but quickly understood that you must be a hands-on person in this entrepreneurial environment.

With a fiery attitude, Vilius quickly moved up to a growth hacker position. There, he focused on all the possible testing in all the marketing channels for all the Kilo Grupe products – Native, Snapchat, early TikTok, Twitter, and even SMS/MMS. 

He then became Head of Growth before taking on the role of CMO. Soon enough, Vilius rose to the position of CEO of one of the portfolio’s core items.

“I never shied away from taking on more than being asked for. I always felt comfortable openly communicating my stance and opinion. And I always felt supported by everyone at Kilo – no matter how crazy the ambition was. I knew I could push the pedal to the metal and see where it would take us. The best part of working at Kilo? Our early-day attitude is still here, but we keep expanding our vision to fit even more people in it,” he summarized.

Creating new ways to improve health

Kilo Grupe is not here to repeat the old truths about health. Most people already know that you need to eat your vegetables. Instead, the company is always looking for new ways to approach health management. 

Vilius Cesnauskas has recently joined the company as Chief Business Development Officer.  Although he rose to the ranks of COO at his previous job, it was the purpose-driven culture of Kilo Grupe that made him become part of the company. 

“Scaling digital health and wellness globally is the most meaningful work I could think of. And Tadas [Burgaila] is an inspirational leader who builds people up so they can achieve anything. Which reflects on Kilo Grupe’s growth over the years,” he says.

The growth is directly connected to the company culture. And it’s something Kilo Grupe claims to never compromise. “You can’t compromise on the new hires or rush through the hiring process. Your company is all about the people that work in it. Nothing else matters. So make sure you spend enough time finding the right talent,” Kilo Grupe’s CEO shares.

Published by Holr Magazine.