I’ve never stepped foot in Nashville or worn a cowboy hat. I also haven’t seen a country band or artist perform. All I know is North American Country music has completely changed my playlists from hardcore hip hop to All about Country. The formula seems almost too simple due to the catchy hooks and sing-a-long anthems, but it digs deeper than drinking beer and driving a pickup truck like most first time listeners believe.

The Emotional and honest storytelling spans over decades of country music songwriting. Hits like, Walk the Line by Johnny Cash, Jolene by Dolly Parton and Need You Now by Lady Antebellum all rose through the charts holding #1 positions. Not to mention this year’s Album of the year Grammy winner is none other than a country artist.

Kacey Musgraves, 30 year old singer-songwriter hailing from Texas accomplished what many musicians dream of, bringing home not one but four Grammys this year. What makes her stand out from others is the authenticity in her songwriting and her voice. She effortlessly blends her country roots with a pop twist.

Space Cowboy, one of the singles of her album Golden Hour is a clever play on words as she sings, “you can have your space, cowboy”.

One of Kacey’s first singles released- Merry Go Round describes traditions of small towns, similar to Kacey’s upbringing and the pressure to marry young while holding Christian values and staying in your small town.

Mary Mary quite contrary,

We get bored so we get married

And just like dust we settle in this town

As Country music grows, new genres of Country have emerged like “Bro-Country” (thanks to Florida Georgia Line) and Country Pop (the power of Taylor Swift). These two sub-genres have a lot in common- fun, catchy and heartfelt performances fitting for every listener.

Below are more songs worth listening to that can change your perception of country music, especially the unforgettable melodies and cheeky songwriting which almost every time will get stuck in your head.

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