The second Monday of May is just as important as the first Monday of May, everyone is still obsessing over the famed Met Gala looks and is trying hard to recreate them. 

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The best part- Poshmark seller Kelsey Dech has created a whole closet worth of looks to help you style what you have, or even add something that just might be missing from those looks you want to pull off. 

The first Monday of May is a famed time for celebrities, fashion, the city of New York and the beginning of Spring. The sun shining and all the layers of clothes being packed away make us Canadians a little happier now that we can finally wear clothes we care about showing off. Our closet gets a little less bulky, and a little more inspired by the celebrities that get to walk the most exclusive red carpet in the entire world, and all we want is to imitate and mimic those looks in our everyday wardrobe. 

As regular folk with not so high status to be able to have brands send you clothes and make you custom garments, it takes a lot of effort trying to find the perfect looks and pieces that can help us look a little bit more fashionable. The great thing- Kelsey has created a whole Poshmark closet with ideas from the Met Gala that can work perfectly into your new Spring/Summer wardrobe. 

The gilded age might be a little hard to pull off, but if celebrities in 2022 can do it, so can you. 

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Hot pink hues:

Hot pink was a constant on the Met Gala red carpet and there are a few great ways to incorporate pops of this colour into your wardrobe. Try opting for a bright pink shoe or other accessories, spoiler alert: bucket hats are a great spring and summer accessory!) Slinky/barely-there dresses


So you might not be looking to add a cape to your closet anytime soon but the essence of this statement piece can be recreated by things you already have in your wardrobe. Take your favourite blazer or coat and drape it over your shoulders. It will frame your outfit nicely but also elevate almost any look. 



Gilded Glamour was the theme of this year’s Met Gala. If you’re looking for a bit more lustre in your wardrobe, remember that less is more. You can also go the accessory route and add a gold chainmail bag to your outfit or even try a retro waist chain belt. When all else fails, go with a classic – layering gold jewelry.

The Met Gala and all of its glory are a perfect way to inspire you for your new wardrobe, many Met themes, including the Gilded Age are hard to pinpoint when it comes to fashion, but with the help from Kelsey and her Poshmark store, you sure can add a few pieces that will make you think you are hosting the Gala next to Blake and Ryan. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine