There are a lot of advantages that come with being a full-time freelance writer. You can choose your working times, who to work with, and where to work from. This is the kind of freedom many people yearn to have.

If you are a great writer, you can use that skill to earn extra cash while still at home. Here are five ways you can take advantage of your writing skills and the time you have at home to put more money in your pocket.

Write content for blogs, journals, and magazines

Major publications must keep on publishing content or they risk dying. This means that magazines, journals, and blogs are willing to pay people to write quality content. Writing guest blogs is a smart way to earn by writing at home but you will need to be patient enough to get the best writing opportunities.

Writing guest posts can also create other job opportunities for you, especially if other publishers notice your high-quality content. If you are passionate about a particular topic, magazines are willing to pay writers for feature articles.

The secret to making guest blogging work for you is to be persistent when chasing opportunities and efficient with your writing once you get a job. You can approach corporates for a bigger role with the help of personal statement writing service Edubirdie. The writers there can build a solid portfolio for you and help with academic assignments that cover thesis, dissertations, essays and other research writing.

Start your blog and place ads on it

It is easy to start a personal blog and write about things that you are passionate about. Blogging sites like WordPress make it easy for you to start earning from your writing career while at home. You can earn money from your self-hosted blog through affiliate marketing and placing ads on your blog.

The traffic your blog receives will help you earn more from the ads you place there. You will need to write high-quality content that will rank high in search engines to get enough traffic to make you decent money from ads.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money by promoting an already established product in the market and it pays a high commission to do that. Your blog should be a platform to try different monetization strategies.

Publish your book on Kindle

As a freelance writer, you can author a book and publish it on Amazon Kindle. Gone are the days when self-publishing a bestselling book was a distant dream for many budding authors. Kindle offers a great market for self-publishers to start earning from their books.

You are not going to start earning the big bucks right from the start and you will need to be commercially minded and marketing-savvy to start generating income from your published works. Many successful self-publishers are prolific, write genres that sell fast, and leverage social media to market their work.

A major advantage of self-publishing books is that you will keep earning from books you published earlier and can keep on building your income once you start making a basic living.

Create content for businesses

Some sites and businesses are willing to pay writers for premium content. You can greatly benefit as a writer if you can write content for a specific audience. This is because many businesses need articles, case studies, and white papers and are willing to pay for them. The growing need for content by businesses has created a market for writers.

You will need the right contacts to break into this niche or you may have to jostle for attention on freelancing sites with other freelance writers. To create content for businesses, you will need a writing portfolio, an understanding of the target niche, SEO skills, and fundamentals in marketing.

Become a conversion-focused copywriter

Copywriting refers to writing designed to make readers take a specific action. Product descriptions and sales letters need someone to write them. You will need a background in copywriting or will have to invest time and money to learn its fundamentals. Despite the steep learning curve, you stand to gain significant rewards from copywriting.

Given the saturation that the internet is facing, it’s necessary for businesses to stay one step ahead in every aspect of online marketing. For this, they pay the best to dynamic writers who write catchy headlines, social media one-liners, ad copies and even scripts for their videos. This might sound like quick and easy but the more impressive part is the good pay that comes with it.


These are some of the strategies that you can apply if you want to earn by writing at home. You will need patience when starting until you perfect your writing skills. Remember that not all these strategies will work for everyone. You should select a strategy that suits you and your writing goals and turn your dream into a reality.

Author’s Bio:

Vendy Adams works for a research firm considered as one of the best in the corporate sector. Her role is mainly centered on data evaluation and presentations. As a part-time research writer, she shares her valuable knowledge with students for their academic assignments. When she’s free, she plays tennis, reads spirituality books and meditates.