Forget about all the bad you associate with Mondays, because nobody likes Mondays, but if you love that feeling of clean and healthy hair, you’re going to love Monday’s haircare, the Australian/New Zealand brand created by Jaimee Lupton. Jaimee is an entrepreneur who wanted to give people the quality of hair salon products at home and without the cost, and in the most perfect pink packaging. 

There are now so many reasons to love Mondays. The feeling of fresh, clean, soft hair; the idea that you don’t need to wash your hair on a Monday because of it, and the fact that even if you did wash your hair on a Monday, with Monday’s, your Monday would be a whole lot better. 

Monday hair care is not only amazing for its luxury labels, it is the idea that it actually is luxury. These shampoo and conditioners are SLS and Paraben FREE! SLS is short for sodium laureth sulphate, if you don’t know what these are they are the chemicals that create lather. If you don’t think that is a big issue, just know SLS and paraben are also chemicals that are used to degrease car engines. 

Not only is the brand free of these bad and harmful chemicals, but they also are supported by PETA, meaning they do not test the products on animals. Alongside the support of PETA, the brand itself also supports other people and charities. 

Monday haircare works hard for the people that use their products and the world in which their products belong to. Mondays also reduce their carbon footprint by using recycled materials for their bottles, screen printing for their labels, and their shipping packaging does not contain any plastics. 

The best part is the range of products Mondays has produced. Each person has a different hair type or hair issue they need to deal with and Mondays have all the fixings. 


A gentle and supporting cleansing system with coconut and shea butter oils. It is known to repair and strengthen damaged hair, thicken and reduce split ends, while hydrating. If you have fragile, straight fine hair, start this asap. 


Still on that gentle and supportive flex, but with rice protein. Rice protein has amino acids that help with moisture. To keep it soft and lock in that moisture it too has shea butter and coconut oil to condition the frizzy/dry hair types.


Mild and creamy cleansing system to replenish moisture and seal it all in. Just like the rest these too have coconut oil and shea butter properties to help give your hair that soft feeling. If your hair is coarse, think no more. 


Everyone needs volume, it’s what makes your hair look more luscious and thick in the wind. Along with its hydrating properties, the volume uses gingerols (ginger root) which enhances hair follicle’s health and hair growth. 

This New Zealand/ Australian brand is launching in Canada on February 15th in Walmart and at the end of the month in Shoppers Drug Mart.