After a tough 2020, many people are looking to make extra cash quickly through the help of technology. Whether searching online or in your smartphone’s app store for a side gig to bring in the additional dough, there are more opportunities to up your side hustle game now more than ever. 

Keep reading to see 10 apps that you can get your side hustle started with today!


Known as the “Uber for kids”, Kango is an award-winning, app-based ride service providing rides and additional services for families on the go. After a thorough background check (of course!), this app allows you to earn cash by helping preschool to high school-age kids get where they need to go. Parents receive real-time data and information on your location and are able to communicate with you through the app. A must-have app to download if you love kids and have experience in babysitting!


Let your creativity fly while getting paid to assist others through Fiverr! Fiverr features services like writing, commercial jingles and tunes, animation, graphic design, and really anything you can think of. Freelancers create a profile on the app and then apply to the jobs listed and needed while creating their own rate. If you’re trying to build a portfolio, this is the place to start.


Calling all dog lovers! Rover helps pet owners find pet sitters and dog walkers to watch their pets when they aren’t able to. On the app you can find everything you need close to you – from overnight pet boarding, doggy daycare, or even dog walks while you’re busy during the day, Rover is here to help. When creating a profile, it’s important to note that Rover takes a fee or 20% of your earnings, so definitely make sure to price your services accordingly!


Get paid to go shopping…well, grocery shopping, with Instacart! With Instacart, you have the option to be an in-store shopper and only do the shopping for your customer, or you can sign up as a full-service shopper that includes delivering the items as well.


The best way to get rid of clothes that are taking up space in your closet – Poshmark. Download the app, take a pic of your clothes, upload the image and price, and you’re done! As soon as your post goes live, anyone is able to make an offer and help sell the items in under a minute.


If you’re handy and love to complete simple tasks, or drive around running errands, then Task Rabbit is the perfect app for you! With Task Rabbit you simply hop onto the app, connect with someone who is looking for tasks to be done such as DIY projects, cleaning, or running errands, and apply to help them out! There’s always something needed that requires different skillsets, so while the current pandemic at hand is making it difficult for people to mark everything off on their to-do list, that’s where you can help.


Ever wish that you could make money while you spend money? Then Ibotta is the side-hustle app for you. IBotta lets you earn cash-back on any purchases you make! Simply download the app in the app store and shop using any of their retailers. Once you’re done shopping, upload the receipt to the app and you’ll hear back from iBotta within 24-48 hours with the money that you earned.


One of the global leaders in online English education, VIPKid creates a global classroom where all children feel connected to their education. Set your own schedule and work on your own time without the stress of creating your own lesson plan, simply sign up, apply, and get teaching today!


Need some motivation to work out and get fit after taking a year off? Check out Sweatcoin! By connecting your phone’s accelerometer and GPS, you can easily get paid for the steps you take each day. For every 1,000 steps you take, you’ll get paid 0.95 “sweatcoins” that you can eventually cash in for money, buy fitness gear, or even put towards fitness classes! The Sweatcoin app also gives you an option to donate the money you make to different charities as well, so you can feel even better about yourself while you work out!


Lastly, if you like flipping items or just have a whole lot of knickknacks laying around, OfferUp is an app that allows you to buy and sell goods locally in an online marketplace. Think of it as a digital garage sale for getting rid of clutter around your home that other people might fall in love with!