Different marijuana strains can have different effects on how you feel and on how you perceive things. But one thing is for sure, being high can often make the things you’re looking at a little more visually stimulating. Whether you’re smoking a higher dosage of THC or a lower dosage though, these photos are bound to intrigue and captivate you. We’ve curated a list of the 20 coolest photos that you need to see after smoking.

1. A flashlight on ice illuminates the frozen water below.

Photo by Henry Liu

2. A frost covered forest offers a touch of visual magic in the middle of winter.

Photo by Jan Bainur

3. Beneath the waters surface, in a part of Japan, loom Hotaru Ika Firefly squids.

Photo by Takehito Miyatake

3. A volcanoes eruption in Iceland coincides with bolts of lightning.

Photo by Sigurdur Hrafn Stefnisson http://www.stefnisson.com/

4. The tranquil and beautiful Namib Desert in Southern Africa.

Photo by Beth McCarley

5. A Jeep left quite the impression on a cold winter’s day.

6. Nature working in all it’s glory as ice forms on top of a mountain in Slovenia.

Photo by weather-photos.net

7. The Reed Flute Caves in China.

8. Surfs Up. Giant waves crash in Portugal.

Photo by Lucas Tozzi

9. A Chameleon strums a leaf, naturally.

Photo by Aditya Permana

10. Lake Retba located North of the Cap Vert peninsula in Senegal is a pepto-pink due to the Dunaliella salina algae within the waters.

Photo by Bioindustry

11. A waterspout seemingly connects the sky to the water in Lake Victoria, Uganda.

Photo by Julia Cumes

12. Ants get into formation around a drop of honey.

© Husni Che Ngah

13. Kallur lighthouse spotted in the distance on Kalsoy Island, Faroe Islands

Photo by Gregoire Sieuw

14.  Perfect timing resulted in this magical photo.

Photo by Vadim Trunov

16. A beautiful sight at the Kingdom of Anshan, Myanmar.

Photo by Andy Ferrington

17. An oil improvising in an attempt to stay dry.

Photo by Tanja Brandt

18. Plowing through almond fields in California.

Photo by Robert Holmes

19. Diamond mines in Mirny, Yakutia, Russia

Photo by gelio.livejournal

20. Beautiful blues thriving in Japan.

Phot by Hiroki Kondu