The legalization of Cannabis has not only led to a greater acceptance of the cannabis culture but also a higher demand for cannabis-related products. In Canada, it is not unlikely to walk into someone’s home nowadays and see their cannabis paraphernalia out in the open. It is circumstances like these that have paved the way for the interest, respectability, and the creation of luxury cannabis products. 

Briq Concrete Ashtray

BRNT Designs was founded in July of 2017 with the purpose to create functional cannabis accessories, that double as eye-catching home decor. The brand grew out of a single crowdfunding campaign that surpassed its original goal, allowing BRNT Designs to create new and innovative products, pushing the cannabis space forward.

Through the crowdfunding campaign, BRNT was able to produce and market the Hexagon — a bong that achieves both beauty and functionality. 

I had the pleasure of trying out BRNT’s Prism pipe. The Prism was inspired by neo-conceptual LED art — the pipe deflects light in two positions to provide a signature visual experience thats unlike any pipe in its field. Exemplifying ingenuity, its ergonomic base fits perfectly in your hand while providing maximum internal surface area allowing the smoke to cool down and create the perfect cannabis experience. The Prism’s easy use and well thought out design make it perfect for both new and veteran cannabis users.

Prism Pipe

The Prism is made out of glazed ceramic and is opaque to mask any resin build-up. It is also stain-resistant, biodegradable and can lay flat as well as stand upright.

Pro tip: Leave your Prism pipe in the fridge for a cooling effect which will prove much easier on the lungs.

Faro Pipe

I also indulged in the Faro — a pipe created with maximum functionality and minimalistic design. The Faro presents an easy to clean channel to encourage daily use, with cleaning tools included alongside your luxury concrete pipe. 

For those cannabis users who aren’t always drawn to bongs and pipes, BRNT Designs offer a wide range of luxury products such as; ashtrays, rolling trays, storage jars, and rolling papers. 

Malua Storage Jar

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