Now more than ever, we need to spend our dollars wisely to spread as much love to organizations around the world as possible. We want to know that when we spend money on something, a portion of that cash goes back into helping the world become a better place. 

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Buying a bottle of wine is no different. So below are 20 wines and wineries from around the world that give back to various causes when you make a purchase. This round-up certainly does not include all of the wines and wineries that give back – as I’m sure there are plenty more to discover.  As you continue on your wine journey, I encourage you to support brands and wines from all over the world who commit to supporting social, environmental and human causes. This list is just a start and there are many, many more! 

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

Santa Margherita was founded in 1935  by Gaetano Marzotto with the intention to produce wine using a union of nature, technology and human innovation.  Santa Margherita was named after Gaetano’s wife and sustainability is at the core of the brand’s philosophy. In fact, all of the pinot grigio bottles that are destined for Canada are certified “carbon zero”, which means every gram of CO2 that is generated has to be compensated by an equivalent reduction in emissions or offset through targeted environmental initiatives with  the Niagara Escarpment Forest Carbon Project. This project promotes and maintains the function and diversity of ecosystems along Ontario’s Niagara escarpment. The tree growth in these areas contributes to carbon capture, and enhances biodiversity in the area, also offering protection for rare species like the Pileated Woodpecker, Painted Turtle, and Great Grey Owl.

For more information, visit the website here 

 Sarah Jessica Parker Invivo Wines

To help combat child hunger, Sarah Jessica Parker and her line of Invivo Wines are funding 330,000 school meals from the proceed of our 2020 vintages of wine.⁠ Soon to be released again here in Canada.

For more information, visit the website here 

D’Ont Poke the Bear – white, red  wines and cider

Created by Andrew and Allan, two men who were both bullied as children, D’Ont Poke the Bear is a VQA wine and cider brand to celebrate those that stand up, fight back and put friends first. For every  wine bottle that is sold, $0.25 per bottle (of white and red), $0.05 per can of craft cider, and $1 per box are donated to a group committed to bullying prevention like Friends First Toronto and Kids Help Phone.

For more information, visit the website here 

Spier Wines

This is the brand that does it all and engages deeply with South African communities in a very well-rounded approach. From school funding, sustainability projects, too community keepers for the betterment of mental health for employees and the community.

Established in 1692, Spier is among the oldest of South African wineries and believes in giving back to their entire community in various different ways. These are just a few examples of the great work that Spier does in their community to help build up and strengthen families and the environment in South Africa. With Spier ‘Growing For Good’, they invest in many initiatives that empower their South African communities to make a positive social and environmental change with many humanitarian and social sustainability projects. Just a few examples include: the Lynedoch Valley Collaborative, a partnership between Spier and the Sustainability Institute (SI). Together they have been providing food, hygiene and education relief packs to almost 400 vulnerable families in the Lynedoch Valley. Spier also provides land, facilities and a manager to drive Tree-preneurs in the Cape, a project that teaches members of impoverished communities how to care for indigenous plants. Once the seedlings they’ve been given to nurture are big enough, they are exchanged for food vouchers, clothing, bicycles, educational support and other essentials. Finally, Spier supports a local primary school in the Lynedoch Eco-village, by sponsoring a multidisciplinary team of Community Keepers who offer psychological and social services such as counselling, therapy, assessments as well as life skills programmes and parenting workshops. This ensures that local children are given the best possible chance to realise their full potential.

Want to learn more head to the winery here (

Trinity Oaks Wines 

In partnership with Trees for the Future, a non-profit that has planted over 180 million trees, Trinity Oaks from California plants one tree for every bottle purchased. The grapes are also sourced from sustainably-farmed vineyards. 

To learn more head to their website – 

Jackson Triggs Winery 

Jackson-Triggs has partnered with Canadian R&B artist Emanuel for their new commercial and donated $10,000 to his charity of choice, the Nia Centre for the Arts. The Nia Centre is currently building Canada’s first professional arts centre dedicated to Black art. Taking it one step further when it comes to diversity, the winery is collaborating with Vinequity on a scholarship program to help ensure people who identify as BIPOC are given equitable treatment and access to opportunity, to grow and thrive in the Canadian wine industry.

You can learn more here – 

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The Dreaming Tree 

Founded by Musician Dave Matthews and Sean McKenzie, Dreaming Tree Wines has proudly donated over $1,500,000 to environmental organizations, including The Wilderness Society and Living Lands & Waters. 

For more info, visit the winery – 

Vineland Estates Winery “Game Changer Wines” 

Game Changer celebrates the “quiet heroes” that are all around us. The wine is produced using a cutting-edge, optical sorting system which assists the winemaker in removing unwanted

materials and grapes that fall outside the desired parameters (making the wines taste pure and delicious). The winery donates one dollar from every bottle sold (Game Changer White, Red and Rose) to local charities.

You can order directly from the website.  

Flat Rock Cellars “Good Kharma Chardonnay”

This is a wine that tastes great and gives back! A portion of sales are donated to Feed Ontario. They have currently provided over 20,000 meals to those in need. 

This wine is available at the LCBO and also at the winery 

Noble Vines 

Noble Vines is truly ‘Noble by Nature’. While 2020 saw a national effort to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross Emergencies & Covid 19 Response Fund, Noble vines is ‘pouring something good’ into 2021 as well! The brand will be supporting communities across Canada in a regional way this year. Starting with Ontario in May, where they have partnered with ‘Parkdale Community Food Bank. You can support this effort by grabbing a bottle of Noble Vines Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon on their upcoming releases in April & May. 

For more visit the winery

Megalomania ‘Much Obliged” 

A portion of the proceeds of every bottle of Much Obliged wine sold will go to Food Banks Canada to support our neighbours in need, now and when the pandemic is over. The white is a Riesling. To date, they have raised and donated $30,000 to Foodbanks Canada. 

Available at the winery with free shipping.

Queenstone Mile Vineyards “Proud Pour” 

Proud Pour shares the mission in healing the ecosystems that sustain our product. Always sustainably grown and vegan, Proud Pour Wines support environmental non-profits in Canada. Specifically bee habitats and oysters. 

Available at the LCBO and at the WInery –

Jackson Family Wines Wines

As a way to say thank you to their grocery partners for the past 35+ years, Kendall Jackson is pledging to raise $2 million dollars by 2030, with an annual fall awareness drive. The

fund will support grocery workers with emergency relief in partnership with the United Way. Jackson Family Wines is also a true leader in sustainability and climate change activities. 

Creekside Winery – “Under Current Breakaway Riesling”

This single vineyard Riesling is called “Breakaway” in reference to coast to coast, a bicycle tour in support of kids cancer research. $2 from every bottle goes directly to the organization. 

For more visit the winery –

Stratus Vineyards “EverGreen”

Proceeds from the Stratus ‘Evergreen’ six packs directly benefit the programs of Evergreen Canada. Every six bottles offers a $25 donation.

For more visit the winery – 

Chateau des Charmes Aligoté 

Aligoté is a rare vitis vinifera variety native to the Burgundy region of France and is a unique and lovely white wine. In memory of Michèle Bosc, and inspiring women and leader in the Canadian Wine Industry,  $1 from the sale of each bottle of Cuvée Michèle Aligoté at the winery or online will be donated to the Camp Kerry Society which specializes in providing bereavement programs and support to individuals and families impacted by serious illness, grief and loss.

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Considered one of the greatest Pinot Noir Winemakers in Chile, Viviana Navarrete from Viña San Pedro spearheads a unique and exciting collaboration in the southern Chilean region of Malleco. Together with two indigenous families of the Buchahueico community, Viña San Pedro has pulled together a program that is the first of its kind inclusivity social project. 

Taking it back to the beginning, Viña San Pedro found the unique volcanic terroir and southern coastal region of Malleco, Chile where Premium Pinot Noir would thrive. On this land lived families from the native Mapuche community and together, the Mapuche families and San Pedro work together to create a wine filled with balance and harmony. Each family in the community owns 2.5H of Pinot Noir grapes and the members take care of them as if it were their own garden

Tayu means “Ours” in Mapudungun, the indigenous language of the Mapuche community. In a previous conversation, Viviana told me the fruit from this unique region and the 2018 vintage was the most pristine, clean and beautiful she’s ever seen in her 19 years of winemaking. She said that she firmly believes that the touch of the indigenous community and the unique terroir is the reason for its purity.  Although the LCBO sold out of the  2018 vintage in a week, there should be another vintage coming soon. The wine is aged in concrete and second, third use oak barrels. Large format oak barrels are then used to bring out the fruit, freshness and purity of flavour. I was able to interview Viviana Navarette just a few weeks ago. You can watch the video here 

For more information, visit the website here

Hernder Estates Rose

This wine is dedicated to Audrey that lost her life to Cancer in October of 2012. $3.00 from every bottle is donated to the Hernder Picasso Foundation towards the New Family Walker Cancer Hospital in St. Catharines, Ontario.  Full story and video can be found on the Hernder Facebook Page.

For more, visit the winery – 

Tom of Finland

A portion of the proceeds benefits the Tom of Finland Foundation. Supporting Human Rights and Sexual Expression Through Art. Founded in 1984 to promote tolerance for all sexual identifications, the Tom of Finland Foundation is a wide-reaching, international organization. Today, the global organization promotes human rights and sexual expression through art, and each bottle of its full-bodied, juicy white or  red contributes directly to the foundation.

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Sprucewood Shores

The winery has donated to Children’s Aid, Amherstburg Freedom Museum, assisted living centres, Global Education Fund, Victim Services, Big Brothers and Sisters, Cambridge Memorial Hospital, The Humane Society, Kidney Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis, We Care for Kids, JDRF(diabetes) with monies from bottle sales.

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