Our Digital Editor sat down and listened to Solange Knowles’ #1 critically claimed album of the year and felt so at peace. 

Solange Knowles uses her creative gifts to voice personal distastes and realizations of the world through the lens of a black, female being. It’s beautiful and relatable, even if you are neither of the two. Mellow rhythms and distinct baselines capture the ear in an incomparable way. Solange’s A Seat At The Table is also accompanied by video’s that emulate the most tasteful and serene backdrops, outfits and dances. Let’s just say we got a bit lost at the album and the music videos. In the midst, we found 3 take away’s that we think are worth sharing.



This reoccurring theme of being confident with who you are even if it’s not what society says you should be, is such an important message to be perpetuated during this age of plastic surgery and makeup tutorials. Solange doesn’t bash the current society we live in, but simply serves a reminder to love yourself by sharing her own stories of indulgence and how it didn’t provide her with an abundance of happiness.



Black Female Empowerment

Or more popularly known as Black Girl Magic. This theme was not only found in the lyrics and song concepts, but the music video’s. For starters, let’s clear up the idea that black girl magic is diminishing all the other magic that all females possess. In a world where popular media has ways of subjugating black women to feeling like their unique distinctive features and hair is not what is desirable, it is necessary to create a term that gives empowerment to a group of people who may have a hard time seeking it elsewhere. Generally, A Seat At The Table seeks to provide artistic empowerment for the black community as a whole, not just women.


Outfit Goals

Wrapped in leaves, purple thread or sporting the trendiest two-piece set, Solange’s outfits in the music video’s are striking, exaggerated, sexy and modern. This is expected due to her families history of visionary fashion, but something about this latest album launched Solange straight into the top of our list for outfit ideas. Not to mention, there were so many of them. 

Watch: Cranes in the sky – to see what we’re talking about.

If you haven’t already, listen to A Seat At The Table, and report back to us your thoughts.

Written by: Julia Shelton