Cold weather means layering, so anything that makes getting dressed easier is a great way to save time in the chilly mornings. Time you could be using to getting an extra 5 z’s, for example.

By having 3 different shoe styles that you put on rotate throughout the week, choosing outfits will be easier because you already have one large piece of the puzzle solved – what shoes you’re going to wear. Even then, building a shoe repertoire in the winter is harder because we don’t have as many options- bye bye strappy sandals and cute open toe mules.

Best dressed celebrities like best friends Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have helped us choose 3 shoe styles that are appropriate for winter and will keep you looking put together.

Over-the-knee Boots


We’ve seen everyone in these, not just celebrities. That’s because they’re elongate the leg and add that extra edge to any outfit.


Black Ankle Boots



Chelsea styled boots will always save your butt in the winter. They’re cute and very practical. 

Light Coloured Sneakers


For those days when the ground is snow free and the sun is shining, having a pair of sneakers will help to diversify your cold weather shoe selection. 


Images retrieved from: Who What Wear 

Written by: Julia Shelton