In today’s world, putting forth your ideas and perspective involves both creativity and confidence. However, confidence is only one aspect of communicating with an audience. Here are some useful tips for you to become a powerful Public Speaker!

Begin with a powerful Attention Grabber

An anecdote, a story, a quote from a renowned personality are often the hook to catch the attention of an audience. It can be a starting point for them to listen to your address, idea, or point of view with a newfound interest and an open mind. Often, a personal anecdote can help others to seek out a connection between the speaker and the topic, furthermore, stimulate powerful emotions that may aid the reception of your message.

Be well-acquainted with your material  

How can one expect someone else to be engrossed with what they have to say when they themselves didn’t take the time to know their speech well? Many speakers tend to focus on their slides rather than the actual message- consequently, losing the essence of their work. It’s crucial to structure your presentation and know the transitions between the grabber, main body, and conclusion. Having practiced your content will help you deliver it with a better flow and confidence, thus, communicating more efficiently with the audience.


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Know the Audience & Set up

If possible, research the demographic traits of your audience in order to relay your message in the best possible manner. Also, try to engage your audience by asking them questions or their standpoints. Perhaps, try to speak to a few people while they’re arriving, it is always helpful to know a friendly face or two to boost your spirits! Furthermore, come early to gauge the space you will be using to deliver your message; you’ll become more comfortable and it’ll aid the transitions as well as avoid any practical or technological mishaps.

Be Yourself & Play at Your Strengths

Be confident in your abilities and your message, it’s the best way to make others believe in what you’re saying as well. Establishing your “own voice” makes it easier for one to communicate effectively and genuinely. Although becoming an all-rounder should be one’s aim, it’s important to also take into account your strengths and embrace them. Jack of All, Master of None won’t get you far in life.

Eye Contact & Impactful Pauses

These can make a huge difference in your presentation. The style of delivery is just as important as the content. Eye contact makes your presentation more positively targeted and personalized. In addition to that, having breaks and pauses in your speech can help the information sink in for the audience and prove to be impressive.

Therefore, make use of these tips to improve your public speaking skills, keep practicing, and relax. You got this!

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