The holidays are a difficult time for many in any given year. This year is especially difficult with the pandemic’s restrictions. Countless folx are not able to see their families, friends and loved ones all over the world. 

Although we know we’re taking these precautions to protect those we love, it’s okay to feel bummed, and not to force the cheer. That said, here are a few things that you can do to ease your holiday blues.

  1. Whether decorating your living space for the holidays makes you feel better or rather skipping the traditions this year feels best, make the choice for you. It can be difficult to ignore the intense commercialization this time of year but don’t force it on either side of the spectrum. You’ve made it to the end of 2020. That’s enough.
  2. Video chat with your loved ones. It’s in no way the same as seeing them in person but just calling them up or having a virtual dinner together can help fill the loneliness with their lovely voices and faces. And the chances are they’re feeling the same way, and you’re making their day. 
  3. If you have the means and feel you’re up for it, mail your loved ones treats and/or homemade food, heartfelt cards or deliver those items yourself (UberEats contact-less delivery style). 
  4. Rest. Sleep, unwind, take some baths, take a yoga class, binge some mindless movies. You don’t need to maintain any kind of body shape or hustle and bustle. And if you’re working, or looking after your kids, siblings, or housemates, make sure to take breaks and to check in with yourself.  
  5. If you’re feeling isolated in the evenings and don’t know where to turn, listening to some new Podcasts can be really helpful! If you’re someone who likes to analyze your present situation, I highly recommend “How can I stay mentally and emotionally healthy as COVID disrupts the holidays?” by The Dose and “All the Lonely People, Where Do They All Belong?” by America Dissected. Of course, if you’re looking for a bit more cheer, and celebrate Christmas, check out the Christmas Songs, Music and Carols Podcast. These and so many more lovely podcasts can be found on Apple Podcast.
  6. You don’t need to be making New Year’s resolutions. You don’t need to sketch out the year ahead in your planner. It’s okay to not know what’s coming. If you’re having trouble letting go of anxious thoughts about the future, and want to feel more connected to the present, try 10-minute meditations or online counselling or therapy here: Better Help.

I’m sorry this year isn’t like it usually is but I hope that you’re able to find some light at the end of this COVID tunnel, especially as vaccines are starting to get approved in a handful of countries across the world. 

Happy Holidays! Or not if you’ve decided to skip out on them this year. Either way, take care. We’ll see you in the New Year.