Laser skin treatments have developed dramatically since the beginning of their days. With the rise in popularity of laser treatments for hair removal to pigmentation, acne scars, and even pigmentation. These treatments are often carried out once a month to fit into busy schedules and with long-lasting results.

The most recent fractional laser treatment that is on everyone’s radar is the CO2 Resurfacing Laser. Generally, the CO2 laser treatment is a one-off performed by a qualified doctor. Once the treatment is complete, you can expect to feel a little sore and see the dead skin peeling away for 7-10 days. The results can be seen as the skin begins the exfoliation process, with optimal results seen from 3 months. Improvements in the skin from CO2 laser can last for many years post-treatment. Here is everything it can help with:

1. Redefines the skin tone
If you’re looking for a complexion refresher, you might be suitable for a light peel with the CO2 laser. As much as it’s important to keep a healthy diet and stay hydrated to refresh your complexion, this treatment can give you the boost you are looking for.

2. Recovers sun-damaged skin
Sun exposure can cause an uneven increase in the production of melanin, which leads to irregular colouring (pigmentation) of the skin. It is vital to wear sun protection daily as the skin cells can become severely damaged from years of sun exposure. Depending on the severity of the sun damage, the CO2 treatment would use epidermal and dermal resurfacing to target the sun damage. This treatment will improve skin tone, texture and allow the skin to heal itself and reverse the change to skin cells.

3. Reduces scars and fine lines – Smoothing
Scarring can develop from complications with acne or even from surgical procedures. Some scars are small and shallow, which means they can heal quickly; however, sometimes, if the surrounding tissue is affected, this can cause deeper scars and require treatment like a CO2 laser. In some cases, a less invasive therapy like micro-needling or chemical peels may be recommended. The CO2 laser uses deep fractional resurfacing to remove the outer layer of skin and reduce skin cells that are damaged at the surface.

4. Improve wrinkles and anti-ageing
As we continue to use our facial muscles for years and years, it is normal for fine lines to turn into deep wrinkles as we age. Fine lines are less noticeable, whereas wrinkles are more distinct and harder to reduce the appearance of. 

With a range of home remedies, products, and treatments on the market, CO2 provides some impressive results (there is plenty of research which has been able to back this up). CO2 treatment uses a combination of superficial and deep fractional resurfacing to quickly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, particularly the ones around the mouth and forehead.

It’s essential to choose a certified doctor to perform CO2 laser treatments.  You could schedule a consultation at somewhere like Pulse Light Clinic with one of their doctors before proceeding with any treatments to ensure you have all the information and you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.