Nick Jonas, and international designer John Varvatos, teamed up with one of the world’s leading premium spirits organizations, Stoli Group, to bring Villa One Tequila to Canada.

Villa One is a smooth-tasting tequila handcrafted in their own craft distillery – Fabrica de Tequilas Finos, in Jalisco, Mexico. The team uses traditional techniques, sustainably sourced 100% blue weber agave (the only species that can be used to make a high-quality authentic tequila) and fresh water drawn from their own well.

Villa One tequila celebrates “life as it should be” and Canada will now offer the ultra-premium tequila in three expressions, including Silver, Reposado and Añejo (pricing and availability vary by province).

In 2018, Nick and John were inspired to embark on a new adventure and launch their own tequila brand. In the spirit and beauty of the property they were staying in and the enjoyment of spending quality time with family and friends, the idea quickly turned into a tangible venture with a name: Villa One.

“When it came to Villa One, it was critical to us that we take part in the decision-making process every step of the way,” said Jonas. “We feel that this is exactly the tequila we sought out to create almost three years ago.”

Unlike most tequilas, Villa One uses agave sourced from both the highland and lowland regions of Jalisco – a process that combines herbaceous, earthy lowland notes with sweeter, fruitier highland notes – giving the tequila a unique character and a distinctively smooth and refined finish.

This unique approach to crafted tequila was created by Arturo Fuentes, who brings 30 years of expertise and a rich background in producing fine French champagne and cognac, as well as aged tequila-making mastery to Villa One.

Canadians can find Villa One tequila in the following provinces:

  • British Columbia: Villa One Silver ($69.99) and Villa One Añejo ($99.99) are available now at BC Liquor Stores, and Villa One Reposado ($79.99) is available at private liquor retailers
  • Alberta: Villa One Silver ($47.49), Villa One Reposado ($53.99) and Villa One Añejo ($66.99) are available now at Co-Op Liquor Stores
  • Manitoba: Villa One Silver ($74.99) and Villa One Añejo ($99.99) are available now at Liquor Mart
  • Ontario: Villa One Silver ($69.95) is available now at LCBO and Villa One Añejo ($99.95) will launch later this summer
  • Coming soon to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia