As the temperatures outside continue to rise, dressing for that 9-to-5 is becoming no easy feat, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style in the midst of your search for a work wardrobe.

As every experienced stylist knows, mastering a refined collection of work-approved attire is made easy by investing in a range of quality pieces that will last you years, since it will essentially be on a weekly rotation of job-ready outfits. The basics, of course, are practical pieces which you should already own – the staple blazer, pleaded midi skirt, button down shirt, and tapered trouser.

Now the key to dressing for the office during the summer heat is to incorporate breathable, lightweight pieces, so opting for silk, satin, cotton or linen, gets our stamp of approval. Also, keep them current by including the prints and colours of the season – it can be as simple as swapping out your classic black-coloured pieces for bright whites.

Scroll down to discover the summer trends from Club Monaco that will meet all of expectations, long after the work day is over.

The ruching detail on this relaxed-fit skirt makes it an obvious go-to for its comfort and ease. Try it in white, or black & white gingham – both neutrals are ideal when you want to introduce a pop of colour and the asymmetrical design separates itself from other basic skirts.

If you’re looking for a way to introduce a statement look, then this dotted pop-art top that seamlessly layers over a white blouse, is the best way to merge summer and office clothing. After work hours, lose the blouse and wear it solo. Bold patterns and colours are still office appropriate and a lot more fun for the sunny season.

Convenient and visually pleasing, the shirt dress is the perfect canvas for any work look. Just throw on a light jacket and go; accessorizing with a pair of block heels or flats for a polished appearance that will never cease to satisfy. Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of your back as you head out, for a peak at the enticing yet modest cutaway detail.

It’s clear to see we love a good jumpsuit, simply because they don’t require any pre-planning the night before which could only mean one thing: extra shut-eye.  This sleeveless style in gingham – a highlighted pattern this season – pairs impeccably with a boyfriend blazer; your real office BFFL.

A typical black jumpsuit with atypical details; the subtle v-neck and elegant tie around the waist make for an added bonus that make this piece anything but ordinary. Befittingly named: The jumpsuit that consistently performs brilliantly in or out of the office.