Get ready to embrace nude shades, get cosy with ethnic rugs and bask in the natural light. From getting tactile with your textures to taking it back to nature, we’re diving deep into home decor trends to reveal the top 5 we’ve become more than a little obsessed with.

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Take a look at a few of our faves destined to stay ahead of the curve for 2019…


Floor Your Guests

Rugs are here to stay as modern interpretations and graphic prints are transforming the rug trend we all know and love. From deep pile rugs to ethnic styles and sheepskin numbers that are soft to the touch, they never fail to exude harmony. After all who doesn’t love a bit of ethnic style? Choose from Kilim patterns that provide a pop of colour to bold shades to add warmth to your living room. If you love to break the rules, then we recommend your home be loud and proud with a bold geometric print.

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Let’s Get Tropical

From lush tropical foliage to accessories adorned in the print, we’re all for going green for the rest of 2019. The best thing? This particular style can easily be introduced into your interior through a number of ways  including your choice of fabrics, wallpapers and ornaments. We’re also into pineapple shaped table lamps and ornaments so you can ride the summer wave through the seasons as the tropical trend has lasting power.

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Tactile Textures

One of our favourite trends of the year so far is undoubtedly the focus on contrasting textures and the impact it has on your home. Think sumptuous velvet, metallic shimmers and fabulous fringing. Why not add a sense of drama to your living room and tantalise your senses with a contrasting mix of fabric and colour? Add anything from throws and rugs to bronze ornaments to 3D wall art. It’s all tabout expecting the unexpected. You could even layer your velvet armchair with a silk cushion or spice up your bed lining by adding a variety of velvet cushions coupled with a detailed throw.


And It Was All Yellow

Pinterest once predicted that yellow would be a huge hit this year and we couldn’t agree more. We’ve seen it everywhere this season from gracing the catwalk to local boutiques and even in stores across the high street. It’s the perfect choice to add a pop of colour to a room. Rich and vibrant, it has a playful element while also adding a sense of warmth to your interior. Whether used in accents or statement pieces, burnt yellow is sure to make your home feel all kinds of joyful throughout 2019. 


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Back to Nature

Get ready to go au naturale as this last trend sees a mix of raw materials and organic elements introduced into your home. Simply fill a few vases and plant pots with flowers and greenery. If you’re not one for bringing the outdoors indoors, you could always opt for faux plants that look just as beautiful. Other ways to incorporate this trend into your home is through natural materials such as stone, copper and concrete. Think wooden cabinets, oak-finished dining tables or even Belgian linen dining room chairs. 



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