Sixtine Rouyre is pushing boundaries in the curve modeling industry as a body neutrality influencer. Check out her story, below.

Sixtine Rouyre

Sixtine Rouyre is all about body positivity! The curve model and body neutrality influencer has been pushing boundaries in the industry since the age of 13, and now she’s advocating for curvy women everywhere through her work. From opening up on TikTok about her past experiences to her biggest accomplishments to working with world-famous brands, Sixtine is sitting down to chat with HOLR about her incredible career to date.

You use your platform as a model and influencer to inspire women to love their bodies. Talk to us about the importance of body positivity in the industry.

I’ve always wanted to be a model. I always said if I wanted to be a model and have a platform through modeling, I was going to do something with it and have a voice. TikTok kind of gave me an avenue to do that and combine the two. In a world where we are constantly told from the day we are born that we have to “look this way” or “be this size” there’s such an image that’s drilled into our mind from such a young age and it’s honestly so exhausting.

I think we all get so caught up in the idea of looking a certain way and when you realize you don’t have to be a certain way, you can just exist! When I realized that I thought “Wow” I don’t have to exist this way- no one else has to- so let’s talk about it and have a conversation about it. TikTok has allowed me to do that.

When it comes to modeling, just existing as someone who is not a size zero has done something for people. When people go online and shop they can be like “Oh this person actually looks like me” and will actually know what the clothes look like.

Sixtine Rouyre

You’ve been pushing boundaries in the modeling industry since the age of 13. What initially inspired you to advocate for change?

I started modeling when I was 13 and I actually had an eating disorder in high school. I remember my friends and I bragging about how long it had been since we had last eaten. When I finally got out of that, I thought “What the hell?” That was insane. Why do we do this to ourselves? The fact that it was so normal, in that all of my friends had eating disorders and horrible relationships with food, diet, and weight. After this, I started to be more open and vulnerable, and I posted about it on Instagram when I was around 16/17.  Through the years I kept posting. Honestly, posting about it helped me become more comfortable with my body.

You have an impressive resume of working with world-renowned brands! Talk to us about some of your favorite accomplishments to date. 

For the longest time, my biggest dream client was Aerie. I remember being 15 and walking through the mall, seeing the brand’s “real” campaign with unretouched bodies and models. I was so inspired by it and I thought to myself “This is the type of modeling I want to do.” For years I said Aerie is my dream client and I’ve worked with them now a couple of times on e-commerce.  It was such a milestone- I wanted this for so long. I always have so much fun on set and with the team.

I went from that all the way to Sports Illustrated! Sports Illustrated was one of those goals that I always thought about. It’s a model’s dream! Suddenly it was right in front of me, happening on my birthday. I was like “Where do I go from here?” Working with Sports Illustrated has been the biggest dream come true. It was so high up on my goal list. It’s been the best year of my life and it’s been a dream come true.

Sixtine Rouyre

What do you love most about your job as a curve model and body neutrality influencer?

As a model my favourite thing is how many new people I get to meet. I love variety and change- I don’t like doing the same thing over and over. As a model, I get to have new opportunities, meet new people, and have conversations on set. I love the way I am able to meet so many people as a model.

As a body neutrality influencer, I read every single message ever. I read every single comment, DM, or request. People really open up to me in DMs. When I get those messages or people come up to me in person, I’m like, “This is why I do this.”

Sixtine Rouyre

What’s next for you? 

Sports Illustrated hasn’t launched yet so I’m super excited about that. One of the Rookies will get a cover and we don’t know who until it comes out so that’s something to look forward to. I mean even if you don’t get the cover it’s still literally the most amazing thing ever. I also have a swimsuit coming out with a brand I collabed with- Londre Bodywear.  They’re a really cool sustainable brand, all of their swimsuits are made from recycled plastic water bottles. Their sizes go up to 5X and it’s women-owned! We have a couple of swimsuits coming out and one of them will be a print. That will hopefully come out in the next couple of months so I’m really excited.

Everything is all coming together really nicely, which I’m super excited about.

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