Women adore jewelry and will love new trends and styles for wearing their jewelry. Hoop earrings are a fashion staple, and many women continue to wear these earring styles. The earrings come in a variety of sizes and colors to meet the style preferences of all women. The earrings are versatile and suitable to wear with most outfits. By learning new ways to wear the earrings, women get more out of their accessories. 

  1. Wear One Stud and One Hoop Earring 

A popular trend when wearing hoop earrings is to wear one stud earring with a hoop in the second earring hole. It is stylish and gives the lady versatility. It is best to wear a smaller hoop in a second earring hole. This provides better balance. If the lady wants to wear a larger hoop, it is best to switch the earrings around and place the stud in the second earring hole. It will remain straighter and won’t overlap the stud earring. Adina’s Jewels has hoop earrings for women who love to wear these intriguing styles. 

  1. Wear Two Pairs of Hoops

When wearing two pairs of hoops, it is better to wear different colors or metals. The larger hoop should be worn in the first earring hole to keep the look balanced. However, women can wear two or more hoops in each ear that are the same size.

By adding a different metal, or even colored hoops, the wearer gets a pop of color that may coordinate well with their outfit. For example, if they are wearing a fun and carefree look, they could add hoops with a bold color and coordinate them with gold or silver hoops. 

  1. Wear Larger Hoops With Headwraps for a Boho Style

Some bohemian looks include headwraps or scarfs as a completer piece. It is ideal to wear larger hoops with the scarf or headwrap to provide better symmetry and ensure the hoops remain visible. Metallic hoops that are gold or silver are great additions to a bohemian outfit. Some ladies could also coordinate the color of their hoop earrings with one color from their scarf or headwrap. 

  1. Add Light-Weight Charms

Some jewelers have lightweight charms that are easy to add to hoop earrings. They offer everything from dangling gemstones to hearts or even tiny characters. By adding the charms to the hoops, the wearer makes them unique and interesting. They could use the charms to add a little more flair to their ensemble or just to enjoy wearing a character they love. 

  1. Adding Hoops to Braided Hair

A more recent trend involving hoop earrings is to wear them as hair accessories. Hoop earrings that connect together are ideal for the trend. Women can create a small braid in their hair and connect the hoop earrings through the braids.

It adds a unique metallic look to a simple hairstyle making it more interesting. The hoop earrings as hair accessories are a part of newer bohemian styles. Gold or silver hoop earrings are the most popular for these trends. 

Women purchase jewelry to accessories their wardrobes for every season. Hoop earrings are a popular selection that are worn throughout the seasons and give women a more versatile look. There are several ways to wear the earrings and create sophisticated styles. By reviewing new trends and options, women discover beautiful ways to improve each outfit every day.