Let’s be honest: pandemic or not, we all have days where life gets a little bit boring. Whether it’s a rough day at work you’re dealing with, or you’re not even at work but you can’t settle to do anything, you need time to pass a little faster than usual. 

Short of having a DeLorian where you can go back in time or shoot into the future, you need to think about how you can make your day more interesting. The most fun days you will ever have in life are going to be some of the fastest days you ever experience. So, you need to have a few suggestions to get you moving away from boredom and into fun – the faster you do it, the faster the day will go. Let’s take a look at five ways you can do it and make it happen right now.

  • The very first thing that you can stop doing to make time go faster is to stop clock-watching! Time is a construct, and you don’t need to tick the minutes by. You need to get your brain busy so stop looking at the time and focus on other things. You can clean the house and declutter – get the chores done. You shouldn’t look at the time until after you’re done, and you’ll be surprised with how much you will get done and how fast it will go! 
  • Get your hands busy. The best way to pass the time is to make sure that your hands are kept busy so get into the garden and prune the plants and pull the weeds. Get online with friends and play a game, or just simply pop your Drift Hunters game in and get playing. The busier your hands are, the faster the time goes – especially if you’re doing something you love! You have to find something to do, and keeping your hands busy is key. 
  • Have you ever heard of spreading your time? Arranging your time into blocks can help you to get into the right mindset with time management. When you break down a whole day into segments of one-hour blocks, you will find that you are able to fill the time better. When you allocate a task a time period, you will give it your all for that time period, and the day speeds by! 
  • Get happy with what you have to do. If you’re cleaning because you’re not at work, crank up the music and have fun with it. If you’re bored at your office, get up and go for a walk. You need to break up the monotony, even if that’s with a pee break for the tenth time that day. 
  • Pick up a book and get lost in it. One of the best ways to make time pass is to get out of your head and get into someone else’s. A book is a perfect place to do this because you are heading into someone else’s imagination.