While everyone wishes to have a luxurious bathroom, not all are willing to put in the work to improve their existing bathroom space. If you have been dreaming about making and accessing a luxurious bathroom space, now is the right time to begin your renovation project. Note that a bathroom redo can take a significant part of your home renovation budget, which is why you must be extra careful when planning and executing the new plan. But, what if we tell you that you can revamp your existing bathroom to make it look and feel more luxurious? 

Here are 6 brilliant renovation ideas to give your bathroom a much-needed revamp.

Change the Lighting 

The type of lighting installed in a space can make or break its look. Since bathrooms need bright light to prevent accidents, install lighting or a device that changes light modes according to your mood. For instance, you can turn on the bright light mode when using the bathroom at night, or switch to a warm white mode when you wish to take a relaxing bath. Even if you do wish to change or disturb the entire electrical line, consider the crucial spots as the wet area, shower, near the mirror, and other spots where you need maximum visibility. 

Plan a New Layout 

By planning a new layout, you can free up the cluttered space and make the bathroom look larger. With this, you can also access the space freely, which enhances circulation. Measure your bathroom space and draw a rough outline to rearrange the fixtures and free up space. You can consult your contractor or architect to get your bathroom plan. Before you start preparing the new layout, consider the type of bathroom you want- standard, wet bath, or a half bath. Next, arrange the fixtures and tiling pattern in your rough layout. You can also take help from an expert to know the best way to replan a space. 

While building adequate ventilation for your bathroom is important in terms of functionality, it can also impact the way it looks. If you have more natural lighting and air coming in, it will feel livelier and hence drastically improve its look. It can also reduce odor within the bathroom, making it fit to use. 

Install Designer Fixtures and Hardware

The type of fixtures you use also determines the look of the space. Today, you can find designer fixtures at an affordable price. Consider changing your shower panel, toilet, washbasin, taps, and doorknobs as they can majorly enhance your bathroom’s visual appeal. At the same time, they should be functional and durable. If your new layout allows, you can also get a new bathtub and add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Minimally-designed fixtures and hardware work for most types of bathroom spaces. 

Change the Door and Window Shutters 

This simple tip can improve your bathroom’s design and add more privacy. This is necessary if you are staying with multiple people and need a dedicated space. As suggested by the competent interior designers at Shuttercraft, using waterproof shutters will also enhance its durability and keep it from rotting. Apart from the partition shutters, consider changing the shutters of the main doors and windows as it can create a major impact too. Choose shutter designs based on your bathroom’s decor theme. 

Install New Tiles or Paint

Once you decide on the new layout and color scheme of your bathroom, pick color-coordinated tiles accordingly. Instead of choosing the standard subway tiles, pick something bespoke to enhance your fixtures too. Make sure that they go well with the hardware and walls too. Apart from the look of the tiles, the texture, functionality, durability, and price matters too. To save money, install your own tiling as it can add a lot of money to your budget. You can also opt for a designer wallpaper instead of painting the wall or installing wall tiles. 

Add More Mirrors and other Accessories 

Adding big mirrors to your bathroom space will provide the illusion of your space being bigger and make it appear larger than usual. To enhance the visual appeal, consider getting designer mirrors that act as accessories when installed on the walls. For a more boho-chic look and vibe, add tall plants with big pots to make the space cozier. Other accessories that can be added include floating shelves, curtains, and sculptures. 

Since executing most of these tips is affordable, this bathroom renovation project will perfectly fit your budget. To achieve a more luxurious bathroom space, install accessories, change the flooring, and get wall-mounted features. Everyone wishes to have a well-planned and good-looking bathroom space, and with these tips, you can easily achieve one.