If you scrolled through one of those exclusive real estate decor magazines or blogs, it is not unusual to start thinking about updating the look and feel of your home. However, no one said that you must include expensive upgrades and features for your home to look stylish and luxurious. If you’re on a tight budget, all it takes is some creativity, thoughtful detail, and a sense of style.


Sometimes conducting a few repairs or rearranging things is enough to turn your home into a superbly attractive abode with that wow factor that increases its overall value. Home décor doesn’t have to be painful to your wallet. If you are looking for ways to give your home a high-end look, here’s how to do it without breaking the bank.


1. Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior 

How do you feel when approaching your home from a few meters away? How do your guests or passersby feel about your home when they look at it from a nearby distance? Well, to give your home a high-end look, you have to start with the exterior! This may include anything from painting the exterior walls to planting a garden or ensuring the lawn is neat. If any of your windows are dirty or cracked, you need to do something about it.

You may also want to update your roof or replace it with a stronger and more attractive roof, especially if your home has several years under its belt. This project might seem expensive, but not as much when you hire reputed experts according to Metal Roofing Albuquerque professionals. Apart from the professionals you hire, the total costs to update a roof may also depend on the materials used, square footage, and whether it’s an overhaul replacement or a simple fix-up job.

2. Introduce Some Nature Indoors 

Nothing beats greenery when it comes to sprucing up your home exterior. This is part of why the view from windows is often considered a great source of inspiration as you gaze at natural elements in the surrounding outdoor area. Apart from adding an excellent pop of color, introducing indoor plants is a perfect way to add serenity and calm. Moreover, some of these plants go a long way in making the air circulating in your home fresher and cleaner. You can also introduce a few fresh flowers in vases for that luxurious look and feel you so much need in your living room.

3. Keep Indoor Lighting Balanced 

As far as interior décor is concerned, lighting can make a huge difference in the entire look and feel of a home. To keep it looking inviting and luxurious, you will want to be smart with your lighting fixtures and options. For instance, rooms with spread-out lamps around feel more upscale, but you will also need overhead lighting to keep your space functional rather than sterile and harsh. Some places you can place lamps around a room include:

  • Your study desk
  • The bedside cabinet
  • On top of a drawer chest
  • Attached to the wall

Also, make sure to pick lighting fixtures with exciting shapes, designs, and detail. These will go a long way in making a statement, especially if they complement the rest of your décor.

4. Accessorize

Accessories are basically a must when it comes to sprucing up the look of your home. Apart from adding aesthetic appeal, they are also instrumental in creating a comfortable home and adding functionality to your space. When thinking about accessorizing your home, here are a few pieces you should consider.

  • Floor-to-ceiling curtains – They create a high-end, luxurious look by making the room appear larger.
  • Throw pillows – They add immense style and comfort when placed on sofas, carpeted flooring, and other living spaces.  
  • Floor mats/rugs – Floor rugs make your room or living area warmer. Depending on the fabric, texture, quality, and color, they can greatly elevate your home décor and give it a high-end appearance. This is especially if they blend well with the rest of your design.
  • Mirror/s – They are beautiful, plus they create the illusion that the space is larger and brighter.

5. Color Pop: Refresh with Paint 

It’s actually more of a reality than a trick. By simply repainting the walls or ceilings of your rooms, you can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the entire house. The best part is that adding a pop of color with paint is extremely easy; you can take it up as a DIY project. Moreover, paint is quite inexpensive, yet a simple paint job can increase your home value by a few thousand dollars.  

6. Wall Art 

Ever wondered why wall paintings can be extremely expensive even though they appear so simple? Better yet, why are their counterfeits considered worthless? Well, hanging wall art makes a mammoth difference in the feel of any space or room compared to an empty, boring wall. If your budget is a little tight, you can even make your own art, check out the local market or consider digital wall art that looks like it was hand-painted.

To sum it up, don’t forget to get rid of clutter and minimize furniture where necessary. Minimalistic designs and open spaces look more luxurious in the modern-day world, plus this means you don’t have to spend so much on home items. Hopefully, you will make use of these tips to get a high-end look for your home without draining your wallet.