Spending long tiring hours working on your computers takes a definite toll on your health, especially your eyes. No matter if you are a computer programmer, a businessman, or if you’re into banking and accounting, almost every sector involves using various computer software in your routine jobs. Besides working, social media, entertainment, gaming, etc. everything just gets better when it is in its digital form. We end up using our computer screens all day without even noticing how this is affecting our health.

The hours spent watching computer screens continuously are the major cause of increasing eyesight problems nowadays. It’s a shame that people choose to put their health at stake just to get their work done. But there are ways in which you can still protect yourself without getting rid of your computers. 

Here are 6 proven ways to Protect Eyes from the Computer screen in an effective way to ensure safety.

Distant Yourself From Your Computer Screens

Although you need to look at your computer constantly while working, you can still keep a safe distance between your screen and your eyes. Don’t get too close to your computer screen. Sit comfortably in your chair while you’re working. Avoid any kind of strain on your eyes and relax them by distancing yourself. If there’s something written in a small font size that requires your focus, zoom in on the page over the text section using the magnifying feature. Almost all the software programs on your computer are compiled to use the magnifier.

Keep Your Eyes Hydrated

One of the reasons why your eyes start to hurt after spending time working on computers is because your eyes get dry by continuously staring at the screens. Usually, people tend to focus on the computer screens so much that they even forget to blink their eyes. Especially to check their work and avoid making any errors. This continuous staring dries your eyes and you end up with a sharp headache after every computer working marathon. Blinking your eyes now and then helps to keep your eyes hydrated and lessen the strain on your eyes.

Use Blue Light Blockers

Another way of reducing eye strain is by blocking the harsh blue light that’s emitted by your computer screens. For this, you can use the amazing blue light blocking glasses that are specifically made to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light effects of your computer screens. You must have observed that all the digital devices operate on a blue light rather than a plain white one. That’s because of their battery-operating electric source as blue light requires lesser energy to be produced. But the short wavelength of blue light and higher frequency is very bad for your eyes as it damages your eyes internally. 

Use Bigger Screens with High-Resolution

Technology is developing further and further every day for the betterment of humankind. The updated versions are always better and more suited for people. This includes the advanced bigger computer screens that come with high resolution. These screens ensure eye safety on a better level as they provide a sharper and clearer picture. Their pixels are way better than the old CRT screens which used to have depressingly low refresh rates causing major eye discomfort to people. Therefore, we recommend you use bigger screens with higher resolution and refresh rates of 75Hz or maybe more.

5. Adjust Your Screen Glare

The way that you set up your computer also matters. Whether you own the computer or not, make sure to adjust the screen settings according to your eye comfort level. Glaring computer screens are never good for your eyes. Lowering the brightness and using a darker background wallpaper comes in handy in this regard. You can also use a protective glass cover that encases your computer screen. Such covers actively reduce the brightness of your screens to protect your eyes.

6. Give Your Eyes Some Rest

After all the hard-working on the computer, you must give your eyes a break for at least 20 minutes. Get up and get yourself something to drink. A snack will do. Look at something that’s 20 feet far away from your eyes to maintain a healthy eye balance. This is the most effective way of exercising balance for your eyesight. It keeps your eyes focused and protected.

Now that you know what to do, you can easily protect your eyes from digital strains caused by computer screens. Make sure to use glasses that provide an extra layer of protection against the harsh blue light of computer screens.