Building up one’s wardrobe is said to be not an easy task. While you can always add in anything you’d like, it’d be great if you could allow your collection to be fashionable too.

Creating a fashionable wardrobe may be challenging at first, especially if you have no idea where to start. Fear not, for listed below are the tips on how you can allow yourself to have a fashionable and functional wardrobe collection:  


  • Choose A Theme 


When going for a fashionable wardrobe, it’d be helpful if you could choose a unifying theme for a coordinated look. You can go for different styles ranging from minimalist, art-deco, playful, majestic, or even anime clothing. In this way, you know exactly what pieces to shop for and how you can mix and match your outfits.  

As you choose a theme, ensure that it’s what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Even with the craziest style, if you’re comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing, you can make any piece pop and work for you.  


  • Look For Statement Pieces 


Part of being fashionable is highlighting a specific area in one’s outfit ensemble. While going for an all-black outfit is excellent for any occasion, you might blend in with the crowd which doesn’t allow your attire to stand out. For your all-black attire, you might want to consider adding gold and bright accessories such as necklaces and earrings. In this way, you can still be fashion-forward even when you wear monotone colors.  

Apart from jewelry, you ought to have a statement piece for each type of clothing. It may vary from your tank tops down to your shoes and bags. When choosing statement pieces, it doesn’t necessarily mean to be funky and unique. You can go for bright and odd patterns and match them with plain fabric to allow the piece of clothing to stand out. 

Shoe closet of multi coloured and different styled high heeled shoes.

Background with shoes on shelves of shop


  • Ensure Your Clothes Fit Perfectly 


No matter how fashionable your wardrobe is, if they don’t fit your body perfectly, you might not be able to achieve the look you’re looking for. To be fashionable with your outfit, you must ensure that your clothes fit your body well. You’d be surprised with how a plain white tank top and bleached jeans would go perfectly with each other as long as they’re in the perfect fit.  

When going shopping, try on as many sizes as possible. With this, you can compare their fittings to your body to help you purchase the clothing with the perfect size. However, if you’re really in love with a piece but there’s no ideal fit for you, you should purchase it a size larger and bring it to your favorite tailor or adjust it yourself with a sewing machine. In this way, you can have an item of clothing that you absolutely love while ensuring that it hugs your body perfectly.  


  • Build The Perfect Balance 


While you shop for a great statement piece for your everyday outfit, you should keep it in mind to create the perfect balance between being plain and going extra. While it might look fashionable to use numerous statement pieces together, it might clash with your entire outfit and prevent you to achieve the look you’re gunning for. 

When matching your outfit, always try to look for the perfect blend. Ideally, you should only wear one piece of fashionable clothing such as an accessory, bright skirt, or bag at a time. Doing this can allow a part of your outfit to be a focal point which helps your entire style to look superb.  


  • Add Belt To Plain Dresses 


Wearing a plain dress can either look classy or boring. If you have a piece that you think doesn’t shout fashion and art, you may want to consider adding a belt to it. You may opt to purchase numerous belts with different designs and thicknesses. With your newest find, you can match it with any outfit you’d have sitting in your wardrobe.  

With a belt, not only does it make your outfit look put together, but you can also help to highlight your body’s curves especially for free-flowing dresses. As you add a belt into your clothes, ensure that it matches your shoes and bags to create the perfect balance and flow. For a safe option, you could use a plain black, white, gold, or silver belt and it should go perfectly with any outfit you have in your wardrobe.  


  • Don’t Forget Your Shoes 


Focusing on your entire outfit shouldn’t just stop with the top and bottom you’re wearing. It’s believed that the way you pick your shoes online can have a significant impact on your whole outfit. While you need to purchase classic shoes that you can match with any attire, it’d be a great fashion statement to buy unique and eccentrically designed shoes that would be the highlight of your entire outfit.  

When choosing a pair of shoes, always prioritize comfort over anything else. However, if you badly want to wear a pair of stilettoes, you should consider bringing a spare pair just in case your feet experience extreme discomfort.   


Having a fashionable wardrobe will require you to visit numerous places where you can shop for great pieces. While it can be exhausting to shop around from one store to another, the experience will all be worth it. Not only that you’d be able to be fashionable, but you can inspire yourself with the looks they have on display.  

As you shop, always prioritize your comfort. When you’re happy with what you’re wearing, you can boost your confidence, allowing you to feel proud and limitless for the entire day.