The Latina girl group SWEETTABOO is trending the top of charts right now. Beyond their distinctive, unique, exciting sound the powerhouse girl group has a popping style and aesthetic based around their fashion and general vibe. HOLR sat down with the SWEETTABOO to discuss the styling aspect that get’s the attention yet overlooked while being in the music and entertainment industry.

What is your style inspiration?

Our style is inspired by 90s streetwear with the Sweet Taboo twist. We’re from Los Angeles where fashion and art are EVERYWHERE. We also get inspiration from Latina clothing companies like Bella Donna and Yessi Collection. We could be walking down the street and see a style that inspires us and think “Damn, we could pull that off, but let’s make it our own”. 

How do you define or create your brand style/image?

We keep it edgy, sexy, but always add a little bit of fun. Each member of our group has their individual flavor but when you mix it all together, we complement each other perfectly. We created a lot of fashion inspo/mood boards to find what works and to create our distinct style. 

What are your personal styling tips?

Of course, always wear what makes you feel confident and sexy, BUT don’t forget to accessorize! Jewelry can take a simple piece to a whole new level and boss up your whole wardrobe. 

Do you have a stylist? Who is it, and why did you choose them?

We style ourselves 80% of the time but when we do our music videos or big photoshoots, our stylists are Ann-Marie Hoang AKA Master of Disguise and Gabriella Gilman. They’ve styled so many amazing artists that we look up to and felt like their style really vibes with ours. We collaborate with them on the outfits we wear so it feels authentic to us but with a little extra spice! 

What degree do you think look/style have on your music and audience?

In our single ‘Lil Bit’, there’s a lyric that says “Big gold hoops, long nails with glitter” which is literally us! Our style is part of who we are, so it is going to always reflect in our music. We hope our audience can see us confidently, rocking our outfits, and feel empowered to wear what makes them feel like a baddie. 

What is the staple item for SWEET TABOO?

HOOPS!!!!! Sweet Taboo is not Sweet Taboo without hoop earrings. 

What are your essential clothing items – when you’re representing SWEET TABOO and when representing your personal self?

“Baggy pants, tiny top”. That’s our mantra. But Bre’s always gotta have the OG AF1’s, Jen has her sexy heel-boots, and Sami has her classic Doc Martins. 

Any style advice or tips you learned when trying to style your group?

When styling a group, you always have to have a “theme”. We’re not about to walk up on-stage in matching outfits, but we always have to coordinate! For example, in the music video for our single ‘Lil Bit’, each of us has an all-denim outfit but with different styles! Jen has a denim halter top, Bre has a denim crop top, and Sami has a denim bralette. We’re coordinated and we each have our own vibe. You can have individual style and still harmonize 😉 

Published on Holr Magazine