Sometimes, travelling around might seem impossible without having a large budget. Travelling to a fancy location somewhere around the world may sound more like a dream than an actual plan that you can do due to the ridiculously large costs of travelling. You’ll have to look for more affordable spots in order not to overspend. 

In this guide, we’ll provide you with 7 of the most affordable locations you can visit both inside and outside the U.S.

1. The Hidden Beach

If you want a vacation that features an astounding view of the beach, the Hidden Beach at Marieta Islands should be your destination. The Marieta Islands, in which there is a large number of breathtaking beaches and wildlife that you can spot occasionally, are uninhabited and are not as touched by humankind. 

They house the Hidden Beach, which is about 300 miles far from San Lucas. This beach, which is also called the lover’s beach, is practically hidden in a crater and was created by extensive military testing. If you’re travelling to Puerto Vallarta and are planning on staying in one of the hotels there, which will cost you an approximate of $149 per night, you can take a boat trip to that beach and enjoy watching the unique caves and rock formations dotting the island.

2. Spotted Lake

If you’re in Canada in Summer, you must not miss the mesmerizing view of the Spotted Lake. The Spotted Lake, which is also known to be the most magical place in Canada, is almost 5 football fields wide and contains heavy minerals. 

When the weather warms up in summer, the mineral reacts to the heat, creating polka dots upon the surface of the lake, which makes one of the most enchanting views of lakes around the world. If you’re planning to enjoy the view of the Spotted Lake, you can easily get there if you travel six miles away from the town of Osoyoos in Okanagan Valley that is 250 miles east of Vancouver. You can book a room at an average of $150 per night there.

3. Bryce Canyon

Nothing compares to spending a good vacation at a stunning national park. One of these astounding parks can be found in Utah. Bryce Canyon is an unusual park in which you can enjoy seeing the otherworldly rock formations and go on long hikes. Going to Bryce Canyon is one of the cheap vacation ideas that will be suitable for anyone on a budget and with an RV. In Bryce Canyon Pines RV Park, you will be surrounded by a ponderosa pine forest, which you can explore along with your companions. 

The rates of the nightly stays are about $50 for a week- and midweek-long stays. While you are advised to bring all the necessary gear for a campfire as well as food and water, you’ll find fire pits and picnic tables at this site. You will also find hot showers, restrooms, and laundry on site.

4. Austin, Texas

Austin is the home for the University of Texas, which means you’ll find multiple entertainment options there that accommodate the budgets of college students. You’ll find a variety of affordable and pleasant restaurants around the city. You can enjoy breakfast tacos, which are considered a staple for the locals.

You can also find other food options in Downtown Austin at affordable rates. If you’re planning on bringing your family along for the journey, you can enjoy family-friendly activities, such as a mural tour around the town. You’ll have multiple opportunities to take photos of the most popular locations around town and won’t have to spend most of your budget on these tours, as they are free. Austin is a great budget-friendly vacation option if you’re planning on travelling with your family members.

5. Glacier National Park

Going on a budget-friendly adventure may sound like an impossible thing to achieve, but you can do that if you go to the Glacier National Park. If you’re in the US and want to enjoy the view of the most beautiful lakes in all of the US, Glacier National Park is your destination. There are three main areas which you can visit there: Lake McDonald, Many Glacier, and Two Medicine, but the most frequented areas in the park are the Apgar Village or Lake McDonald. 

This is probably because of the gorgeous reflective surface of Lake McDonald that is situated amidst the mountains, making one of the greatest views in the US. If you’re up for a hike, you can go to Two Medicine and Many Glacier in order to enjoy the glacial blue of the lakes as it shines in the morning sun.

6. St. Louis, Missouri

Another budget-friendly location that you can go to is St. Louis. It’s true that this city doesn’t rank high in most travelers’ top destinations, but it contains one of the best world-class attractions, like the Gateway Arch, which is a part of the Gateway Arch National Park. 

You can also visit the Old Courthouse and other scenic grounds in the Gateway Arch National Park. If you have enough time to spare, make sure to visit the City and the National Blues Museum, as they are considered two of the most unique museums in the US.

7. Salar de Uyuni

In Bolivia, you can visit the world’s largest salt flat, which extends to about 4,050 square miles, giving the illusion of an endless expansion of salt land. Salar de Uyuni must be visited in the rainy season in order for you to enjoy the mirror effect, which happens when the land is covered in a fine layer of water that creates a large mirror on the surface of the land. While flights can be on the expensive side, you can find several tours to the salt flats at affordable prices.

There are multiple places around the world that you can visit. According to what type of experience you’re looking for and your budgetary restrictions, you can choose your destination. Make sure that you pick a spot that appeals to you and your companions. You must also do extensive research, weigh out the pros and cons of travelling to a certain location before you make up your mind.