Everyone around the world knows about the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on all our lives. One of the biggest for many people has been the restrictions it has placed on travel. This is most keenly felt around international travel, where it might not be possible to travel to or from your favourite destinations. Even if they are open, you might have restrictions in your own country that make travel unworkable.

The key thing is to not let this get you down and to find fun, enjoyable things to do at home while you cannot travel. This will not only help to pass any free time you have but it will also mean you enjoy your time at home and do not get annoyed or depressed from not travelling. But what are the best things to do as a substitute for not going to your top holiday locations?

Play online casino games

One fun, exciting and potentially lucrative substitute is playing casino games online. It does not matter where you are in the world because these casinos operate via the internet. As long as you have a decent internet connection and a device to play on, you are good to go. From top online casinos in Canada to those for players in the UK, the USA, Europe and beyond, these sites such as: PlayCasinos.ca make it simple to game online.

They are also very convenient because you do not have to leave the house to play and they are always open. When you add in the many casino bonuses and promotions they carry, it is easy to see why this is a great activity to try until you can travel again. If you usually like to hit the real-life casinos in Vegas or Macau when on holiday, the online experience is a very good stand-in.

Camp out in your backyard

Just because you cannot travel to your preferred destination, you do not have to stay stuck indoors all the time. Why not have a staycation and make the most of your own backyard? This can at least give you the feeling of doing something different and getting away from your normal routine. A great idea is to set up a tent in your back garden and sleep out under the stars for a night or two.

Before nightfall, you can spend the day lying in the sun or playing fun games. As with any campout, you could also cook tasty food on a portable stove, barbecue or campfire. This is a great activity for any frustrated traveller but is especially effective if you have children who normally travel with you.

Learn a new language and culture

For many people, travelling to their favourite destination is about getting to know the local culture and language. To get this feeling at home while you cannot travel, why not think about learning a new language and finding out more about the culture behind it?

This might entail learning more of the language of your preferred holiday spot or somewhere new you have always been interested in. If it is the language of your favourite spot, the added bonus is that you will be able to speak the local dialect when you return there. There are some top online language sites that are easy to use, give great results and are free in many cases.

Listen to music and be transported

If you need a good substitute until you can travel again, why not let music help? A superb idea is listening to the local music of your favourite destination. You may, for example, love Valencia in Spain – putting on some flamenco music is sure to transport you there and make you feel better.

This is true for many other places that have distinct musical styles local to them, which you can enjoy from home. Of course, you could simply choose to use music to pass the time and have fun while chilling in your house. Putting on a few albums from your favourite artists is a sure-fire way to fill your spare time and keep boredom at bay.

Cool ideas until travel resumes
As the above shows, there are some really cool substitutes to enjoy while it is not yet possible to travel to your favourite holiday spot. They will not only help you feel better about not being able to head off but also give you fun ways to fill your downtime. With places like beautiful Belize opening up in 2021, world travel should hopefully soon be back on the agenda.