brown Weedo guestbook on table

Weddings are the most dynamic and energetic events! The wedding day is filled with tons of beautiful and joyous moments! However; like every good thing; the wedding day comes to an end. The day fleets by so quickly that it’s gone within a snap of a finger. 

Like every bride and groom; you certainly want to carry this day with you for the rest of your life. The theme, menu, wedding dance, and fun moments with the guests are something you just can’t lose. 

Photographs and videos certainly capture and preserve the moments but another popular way of keeping the memories alive is a guest book! Guest books have been around for decades and are used in quite a lot of weddings! 

If you are planning to have a guestbook at your wedding, it is a stunning idea! However; do not go for the traditional ideas. Why go for the old; when you can have something unique and amusing! 

Below are mentioned 7 creative alternatives to the traditional wedding guest book: 

1] Polaroid guest books 

A Polaroid guest book is the most fun idea that will get your guests involved! You can set up Polaroid cameras at your venue where guests can go and capture themselves!  Most times when you ask guests to write notes in a guestbook; it might feel like a chore. Everyone loves clicking photographs; so, this won’t be a chore for the guests and they’ll truly enjoy the process. They can write sweet notes on their polaroids and add them to a scrapbook, which you can preserve for years. 

2] Video Wedding Guest books 

A Video wedding guest book is truly magical! They can actually take you back to the wedding day and have you relive the fun moments. It will also keep your guests hooked up on the day. You should make use of video-making tools for it. Create and install signage with a QR code, which when scanned allows guests to film themselves. These videos will automatically get collected on the video-making tool you use and you will have a readymade video of your wedding day compiled by several guests! You can watch this wedding video guest book years later and re-experience the day as it was. This will serve as the most unique guest book idea.

3] Music-themed wedding guest books 

If you and your partner are music enthusiasts, you must go for music-themed wedding guest books. Ask your guests to write messages on old cassettes, old albums, guitars, and violins. You can store all these in a corner of your room at your residence. It’ll be a small aesthetic corner that reminds you of the big day from time to time. You can also go beyond simple messages and ask the guests to write song recommendations! Have a new playlist made from the songs recommended by each!

4] Signature tree wedding guest book 

Gather some cherry branches and have a model of a tree made; to these add chits suspended to the tree using ribbons. Let your guests come and write messages on these chits! You can later store this tree as a decorative piece in your house and unwind the memories as you read the messages. You can also go for other decorative items like a Piñata wherein the guests can put chits of their sweet notes in the Piñata! A Piñata in unicorn shape or in the shape of flowers will be the most adorable piece in your home. 

5] Advice coasters 

Gone are the days when guest books were limited to wedding messages. Today, people are getting creative and having advice coasters. You can go for advice coasters too!  Ask your guests to jot down fun bits of advice to tackle the tough times and moments of married life. You can also ask them to advise you of places to go to and have a ready-made list of places to visit! These pieces of advice will be fun to read through and might even help you in the future. 

6] Tree wood

Tree wood is a classic when it comes to wedding guest books. You can have a Tree log well cut out and finished up to look neat and aesthetic. On this; inscribe your wedding date and names and ask your guests to sign their names or write short messages around it! You can later put up this log as a frame in your living room or use it as a coffee table! 

7] Quilt 

Quilts are warm and signify connections. At your wedding, set up a booth where you put up small pieces of cloth. Let your guests sign up on these. Later you can stitch the pieces together to form a quilt that you can preserve for generations. 

Although traditional guestbook has their own significance and is classic; it’s time you move ahead with the trends and adopt brand-new ideas for your wedding! There are innumerable creative alternatives when it comes to guest books so don’t limit your horizon and think out of the box; your wedding is special; so should your guestbook be! 

Published by HOLR Magazine.