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As your lifestyle gets all the more hectic and your responsibilities seem to fill your schedule to capacity, it is crucial to create the opportunity to spend quality time with your significant other. And, as the holiday period approaches, there has never been a better time to plan some time away together!

A long weekend away with your other half can work great as a reset (or as a fresh start) – and it can help you rekindle the magic! Whether you are planning the ultimate romantic getaway or you have the chance to enjoy a spontaneous mini-vacation with your partner, the ideas below can help you live an experience to remember. 

Time to start packing!

Get Back to Nature

If you have been feeling like the stress of your daily life has started to take a toll on your romantic life, you are certainly not the only one. But this doesn’t mean that your relationship has to succumb to it!

According to studies, spending time in nature can help us feel calmer, more centered, and in better harmony with the ones around us. While entire families might benefit from something as little as a short walk through the woods, you might take things a step further and plan the ultimate remote getaway with your partner. 

Looking for inspiration? Consider using Airbnb to book a unique stay in a mountain cabin or treehouse, or plan a camping weekend at a national park nearby!

Plan a Fun Staycation – But Not Without a Romantic Night Out!

The chances are that, over the past years, you and your other half had to enjoy more than one staycation due to travel restrictions and social distancing measures. But while all this seems like a distant memory, there is nothing wrong with planning the perfect romantic weekend at home!

Some great ways to spice up your cozy weekend together include enjoying a romantic night out in your city, visiting a local farmers market, finding a new restaurant to try, playing board games, or even ordering in and watching your favorite movies!

Enjoy a Spontaneous Road Trip

If your long weekend free of work responsibilities has come way too fast, you might not have had the chance to plan a getaway in detail. But don’t fret! There are still plenty of options to spend quality time together without having to pre-book experiences or hotel stays!

For example, there is nothing more romantic than just getting your car and setting off for the ultimate road trip! This option might be more suitable for adventurers, but it does not require you to spend time packing or booking your stay beforehand. Just make sure you have a quick look at the map to get an understanding of distances and attractions along the way. 

Choose a City That’s Known for Romance

Considering a city break? North America’s most romantic cities make for the perfect destinations that invite couples to inspire romance! From Nashville in Tennessee to Napa in California, Victoria in British Columbia, or San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, North America offers endless opportunities for a romantic city adventure to enjoy with your other half!

Make sure to plan an itinerary to make the most of the best local restaurants and cultural attractions to make the most of your limited time away – but leave plenty of space in your schedule for relaxation!

Opt for an All-Inclusive Experience

If you are tired of planning and scheduling, nobody can blame you! Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours in front of a computer screen or hopping from one travel agent to another to plan the perfect weekend away! 

Instead, book yourself and your other half in an all-inclusive retreat and make the most of a pampering weekend! Some great options include booking a spa break, getting a couples massages, or booking a tour of your favorite city. 

Don’t Discuss Finances and Treat Yourself!

If you often find yourself arguing over finances, you are not alone. According to recent studies by Northwestern Mutual, nearly 20% of Americans report having disagreements with their partner over money, and 41% of couples say that their own financial anxieties have an impact on their relationship. 

Because of this, it is ever so important to leave money and budgeting off the conversation during your romantic weekend away! However, if you are worried that your getaway might impact your overall family finances, consider making a budget beforehand and sticking to it!

Rediscover Your Hometown

Another great way to reconnect with your partner and with your home is to play tourist in your own hometown! Visit the local attractions, get lost in the most picturesque alleys, try new eateries, rest at a local park, or shop for souvenirs! 

If you have not walked around your hometown in a while, you might find that a lot has changed since the beginning of the pandemic – and you’ll have the unique chance to reconnect with the place where you and your partner have chosen to build a family!

Keep Your Experience Between You and Your Partner!

Undoubtedly, it might be tempting to post photos of your romantic night out on Instagram, film a live stream of your getaway for your followers, or spend hours on the phone with your kids or friends during your free time.

However, don’t forget the goal of your long weekend away: reconnect with your partner and enjoy quality time together! Make your experience more memorable, magical, and private by only sharing it with your other half!

Published by HOLR Magazine.