What is the best night out with your partner? It can be either a dinner at an extravagant restaurant, full of romantic candlelight for two, or it can be something else. Whatever you are doing to have fun with each other, you must spend time together. 

You may feel that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done and still manage some quality time for yourself. If you think this way too often then plan a romantic dinner! All you need is a couple of hints about what to do and where to go. A little planning goes a long way toward making your romantic evening special and stress-free as well! Here are some useful tips on how to plan a perfectly romantic night out.

Find A New Restaurant

If you usually go to the same restaurant for dinner, it is a good idea to make a change. Even though you feel comfortable going there and spending time with your partner, it can get as boring as staying home. You must try something new once in a while! If you are not sure about the restaurant choice, ask your friends for a recommendation. You may also try using one of many restaurant finder apps that offer restaurant near me options that will help you explore nearby options. Make sure to read restaurant reviews before you finalize your restaurant choice as it can save you from unpleasant surprises.

Have A Theme Night

If you think that your partner will appreciate having a theme night, then it is the best idea. For example, you can choose an ‘all American’ theme and visit some barbecue places where all dishes are cooked with real wood! Or, if you prefer Asian cuisine then go to a Japanese restaurant or try Vietnamese food in a local Vietnamese restaurant. When you have a specific event in mind, it’s easier to plan. If there is no special occasion going on and you simply want to spend some time together without any distractions, then it’s okay to play it by ear. Just make sure to do something fun and different from your usual routine!

Set The Mood

Setting the mood for your romantic evening is very important. This doesn’t need to be a complicated activity or something that takes all day, but it’s still quite useful!  First of all, think about the weather. If it’s warm outside then try to find a restaurant with an outdoor seating section. If you are lucky then your romantic dinner will even be served on a candlelit terrace, which is delightful. You may also plan a date during a full moon to see the sky full of stars while you’re having a meal with your partner. If it’s cold outside then choose an indoor restaurant or simply go for some cozy drinks in a close bar!

Have The Dress Code

Plan the dress code, because you probably don’t want to end up in a fancy restaurant wearing jeans and sneakers! If you are not sure about the dress code at the restaurant, then call them before visiting. Most of the time, restaurants have their dressing publicly available on their websites so there is no need for additional questions. If your dinner involves an outdoor seating section or some other activities like dancing or mingling with people, then opt for casual-chic style rather than formal wear. You may also plan this activity by asking your partner what he/she would prefer to wear.

Pack A Small Surprise

You can make your date even more special by packing a small surprise for your partner. For example, you may prepare a small booklet with handwritten love poems and leave it in your car before the night starts. You may even make a card by yourself. All you need is to find a nice piece of paper and write something from your heart there. You can make a simple sketch or leave it without any drawings – the main point is that every word should come from your heart! Another good idea is to prepare a playlist of his/her favorite songs and put it on a USB drive – that way your partner can listen to all his/her favorite music during the evening.

Have Something Sweet

It is common knowledge that food and love go hand in hand, especially when it comes to romantic dates! You may choose a restaurant that offers an extensive menu that includes tasty desserts. However, a better idea may be to go for a walk and visit a nearby cafe or patisserie where you can order something sweet and then enjoy it with your partner! If there is no such place around, you can also make some simple desserts at home. For example, bake a cake yourself and decorate it with some fresh fruits or try to get creative with ice cream! Your partner will love it!

a romantic night by the water - love

Planning a romantic date is not complicated, but it’s still very important. This way you will show your partner that s/he is the most valuable person in your life. Therefore, next time you start planning your date night, have these simple tips in mind and you will surely make it a night to remember.

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