The Italian passport is among the most sought-after ones in the world. It lets you travel visa-free in the EU and opens up a wide range of benefits of Italian citizenship. Not surprisingly, thousands of Americans apply for it every year. The good thing is that you have a range of immigration options to explore. You can apply through descent, marriage, or naturalization, depending on your circumstances. Even if you do not qualify through one of these routes, you still have an alternative. An investor visa enables you to move to the country with your family, live and work there, and eventually get citizenship down the line. Let us explain this fast-track route in detail.

Getting started with the right investment options 

If you want an investor visa, you have to be ready to make some investment in Italy. But it isn’t as simple as it sounds because you have to invest the right amount at the right places to secure a visa. Fortunately, we found an in-deep explanation on Bersani Law Firm’s website to get the facts right. Anyone over 18 years can apply, but they need to be in a good state of health and must have a clean criminal record. Here are the investment options you can explore.

  • A minimum of EUR 1 million  as a donation in a project of public interest, such as heritage, art and culture, education, research and development, or immigration management
  • A minimum of EUR 2 million in government bonds
  • A minimum of EUR 250,000  in an innovative startup
  • A minimum of EUR 500,000 in corporate bonds or shares in an Italian company

Making the initial investment according to your choice is just the start. You will have to maintain it during the valid visa and residency period in the country. It applies to subsequent renewal as well. The upside of Golden Visa is that you invest only after the process gets through, making it a secure immigration alternative. So you need not worry about having your investment tied up in the event of the visa not being approved. 

Understanding the steps of investor visa

Once you are ready with the requisite funds to invest in Italy, you must understand the steps involved. Typically, acquiring the Italian Golden Visa is a three-step process, so you need not stress over a long and complicated one. The timelines are relatively reasonable as you can expect it to be completed within 90-120 days. Here are the steps in detail.

Step #1- Getting a nulla osta 

Nulla osta refers to a certificate of no impediment to investing in Italy. You will have to start with an online process by filling some forms on the official website of the Investor Visa for Italy Committee. You will also have to submit scanned copies of a list of documents. These include a copy of your passport, Curriculum Vitae, proof of funds for investment, a description of the nature of the investment, and proof of consent from the organization where you plan to invest. You will also have to give an electronically signed Declaration of Commitment validating the investment amount. The Committee will review your documents and may ask for supportive documents later. They give a decision within 30 days, and a nulla osta sets you up for the next step. 

Step #2- Applying for an investor visa

Since the validity of the nulla osta is six months, you have to proceed with your visa application within this time frame. You have to apply at your nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate. The application requires documents such as a copy of the nulla osta, your passport, and original documents submitted with the nulla osta application. You will also have to provide residence proof in your country, accommodation proof in Italy, and income proof from the last financial year. If these documents are not in Italian or English, you will have to get them translated. After reviewing the documents, the consulate will grant a two–year investor visa.

Step #3- Flying to Italy to complete the formalities

At this stage, you can travel to Italy and complete the formalities to get your residence permit. It requires you to visit the local Questura (Police Headquarters) and apply there with the relevant documentation. After getting the permit, you have to invest the committed amount within three months. Failing to do it will lead to the revocation of the visa. The residence permit is valid for two years, and you can renew it by maintaining the investment in Italy. The next renewal will be valid for three years. Once you complete a decade in Italy, you can apply for citizenship by naturalization.

Having the assistance of Investor Visa specialists

Without any doubt, an investor visa involves relatively fewer steps and fast tracks your move to Italy. But it can get overwhelming, considering the choice of investment alternatives and other formalities involved. The most challenging part is moving from a resident status to citizenship by naturalization because it requires extensive knowledge of the visa laws. You cannot handle the complexities on your own, so it makes sense to collaborate with an investor visa specialist. 

These professionals have the right expertise and experience with Golden Visa, and you can rely on them to show you the way. They can guide you about everything, right from assessing the investment types to procuring the paperwork for nulla osta, and completing formalities outside and in Italy. There is hardly a possibility of errors and delays with experts around. You have peace of mind that everything will happen quickly and seamlessly. 

An investor visa can make your Italian citizenship journey less daunting. Further, it opens up the opportunity to get citizenship by naturalization after the relevant period. Meanwhile, you can move with your family, live and work here, and get all amenities that come with residency status. If you have the money to invest, you must definitely grab the chance. There couldn’t be a better way to get a step closer to your Italian dream.  

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