Venezuelan actress, model, and artist,  Carla Baratta, is most prominently known for playing the character of “Adelita” on Sons of Anarchy spinoff TV series Mayans M.C , as well as her role as the protagonist of the digital series, Bleep. We had the opportunity to interview the rising star and chat about her career, Latin-American females in the entertainment industry, and her future aspirations.


Carla Baratta

Photo credits: Leslie Alejandro
Makeup: Jessica Ahn
Hair: Matt Fugate
Styling: Ami Lasser

HOLR: You initially wanted to have a career in architecture and design. How did you make the transition to acting? What made you get into it?

CB: I actually always wanted to be an Artist, but my family wanted me to have a career so that I could support myself while I was pursuing acting. So I did both simultaneously for about 5 years in Venezuela until I finished my career and decided to give my real passion, acting, a real shot by moving to Los Angeles. The dream was always acting, but Architecture made that possible in a way.

HOLR: You play the character of “Adelita” on the new “Mayans MC” – how would you describe her?


CB: Adelita is a rock. She is a strong and fearless woman who wants to help her people. She knows exactly what she wants, and she thinks about every little detail every step of the way. Nothing about her or her decisions is a coincidence.


HOLR: And what can viewers expect from the show?


CB: Be ready to be blown away!! Everything viewers think is going to happen probably won’t. And everything they think is too crazy just might happen… this show is fun and wild, but beyond that, every character has an amazing story and a beautiful arc. Everyone from those who worked in pre-production to what you see on screen now has put their hearts into this, and I hope you can see that on screen.

HOLR: As a born and raised Venezuelan, what advice would you give to Latin-American females pursuing a career in the entertainment industry?


CB: I have been in the US for just 3 years now, but if I’m sure of something it is that nothing is impossible. I would tell any Latina to dream big, to know who they are as a woman and as an artist and to never doubt their beliefs and their integrity. Your talent can take you to the moon, you just have to be prepared and do good for your brothers and sisters. At some point, magic will happen for them too.


HOLR: Who or What is your biggest inspiration at the moment?


CB: My family. Everything I do is for them. They give me the strength to wake up every morning and I’m so thankful to have them in my life. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.

HOLR: What would you say is the hardest part about your job?


CB: I think the hardest part about acting is remembering to leave your character on set and not bring he/she home with you. The amount of time that I spend thinking about the characters I portray is crazy and sometimes it’s hard to let them go after a workday.


HOLR: What is one thing in your career that you would like to accomplish?


CB: I would love to be able to support my family by doing what I love. I definitely think that’s a privilege that not a lot of people have, and I don’t take that opportunity for granted. I would also love to help my home country by building art schools and being able to produce content with my people. That is the dream!

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