Are you someone who is planning to bid goodbye to your smoking habits? Does the ‘smoking kills’ sign board makes you think for a while and triggers a corner of your mind to give it up one day? It is easy to think about all this, but in reality, it’s no less than a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. But it is not impossible and can be accomplished if you have an inner consciousness that forces you to go ahead on a smokeless and tobacco-free journey. 

So check out this guide wherein you will get to know a few tips to get started with quitting smoking.

Making your mind

First things first, you need to make out your mind to give up on smoking. Only then can you move ahead to give up on this habit that has been holding you tightly all these years. So find out the reasons as to why you wish to give it up. 

May it be the fear of acquiring a smoking-related disease or as a sacrifice for your loved one or to save the oodles of money you may be spending on buying those cigarettes, jot it all down and make a commitment that you are going to bring it to an end.

Pick up on a day to quit

Now once you have made a choice about quitting smoking, pick on a quick fine date when you are actually going to quit your habits. But make sure that you are not extending the quit date because the more you put in delays, the higher are the chances for you to change your mind. 

Taking some time to prepare yourself to give up smoking is mandatory, so choose a date wisely and circle it on your date sheet to keep yourself reminded about the same.

Search for alternatives

Tobacco is addictive, and thus it is easy to predict you are sooner or later going to have cravings for the same. So why wait for such a thing to pop up at any instant? 

Hence, start preparing yourself by searching for other alternatives such as chewing gums, chewing tobacco alternatives, or anything that can simply divert your mind and save you from the temptations of lighting a cigar.

Cutting down on the usage

Though you have given yourself some time to prepare yourself to part ways with your cigarettes, it doesn’t mean that you have to wait for the final day. The days for preparing yourself does not give you a license to puff up more cigars having a thought in mind that eventually, you are going to give it up one day. 

So instead of reserving things for the last day, start off slowly and try to cut down your number of cigarettes per day so that it doesn’t seem like a hard nut to crack on the final day.


The urge for lighting a cigar can be pretty irresistible and thus needs one to have a strong motto in mind about quitting tobacco. But you need to know that this urge will slowly pass off if you have a strong will and determination. So what are you waiting for? Before your lungs and interiors of your body start weeping for breath due to your smoking habits, try the above tips to start afresh with no more tobacco in your life.