adidas Running introduces the latest iteration of adidas 4DFWD – the next step in data-driven 3D printed midsole technology, designed to move you forward.

Combining years of athlete data with the unique technology of 3D printing, adidas 4DFWD is created to provide runners with an all-new running experience.

For over four years, adidas has developed 4D lattice midsole technology in partnership with Carbon.  Combining athlete data and Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis technology to produce precision-tuned 3D  printed midsoles.

adidas 4D footwear is amongst the first in the world to use this cutting-edge technology which offers the ability to fine-tune midsoles to specific patterns of movement so that athletes can enjoy a precision performance with every step.

Identified from one of five million possible lattice structures, the 4DFWD is made with nature. The midsole consists of 40% natural and renewable materials with the intent to help end plastic waste.

adidas 4DFWD

The unique 4DFWD cell geometry is coded to compress in one direction only: forward. When a foot impacts the ground, it applies braking forces. 4DFWD reduces these forces by redirecting the impact into forwarding motion. With every step the 4DFWD midsole shears forward, providing a smooth transition and gliding experience.

Charlotte Heidmann, Product Manager of adidas Running, said: “adidas 4DFWD really does take 4D technology to the next level, enabling us to design in a way that conventional foam midsoles do not allow. Working closely with Carbon, our product teams, and testers we identified one perfect lattice midsole that is designed to compress forwards under loading and counter mechanical forces whilst delivering a unique gliding sensation for our runners.”

A Release Full Of Surprises

adidas 4DFWD

To mark the shoe’s release, adidas is also launching the ‘Take It Forward” Challenge – a new three-week holistic training plan in the adidas Running app that invites consumers to complete 30km between August  10-31 either through running, walking or treadmill.

For Creators Club members is the new adidas 4DFWD PULSE, which combines 4D and EVA technology to ensure a soft landing with every step. Perfectly printed and precisely positioned, the shoe is coded for a smooth run with the 4DFWD heel angled to increase impact absorption,  working together with the EVA midsole. This unique design translates into a smooth heel transition at the moment of touchdown.

adidas 4DFWD and adidas 4DFWD PULSE launch globally from August 12th via the adidas app, and selected retailers.

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Published by HOLR Magazine