Delicious, quick, and convenient meals that everyone will love!

HelloFresh is bringing your favourite meals right to your doorstep with the brand’s convenient meal kit delivery service, featuring an assortment of delicious recipes. Interested in learning more about why HelloFresh is the most popular meal kit? Check out the brand’s delicious recipes – including of our faves we can’t wait to try – down below!

HelloFresh meal kits are perfectly portioned recipes that feature pre-measured ingredients so you can feel like a 5-star chef in the comfort of your own kitchen. The best part is that you are in charge, which means that subscribers can customize their meal plan settings based on preference, dietary restrictions, or desired number of meals. There are a variety of dishes to choose from including a selection of meat, fish, and seasonal produce. Simply customize your kit and your meals will be delivered straight to your door.

Meal kits take the fuss and prep out of meal planning because they’re super easy and convenient to enjoy. HelloFresh makes mealtime simple by doing it all for you- you can now experience more choices, less prep work, and flexible plans that not only cater to the whole family but, are also are a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Check out our favourite HelloFresh recipes from this week’s menu (June 26- July 2) down below. We can’t wait to try them out plus, they only take 30-35 minutes to make!

Chorizo Nacho Platter with Salsa and Crema (30 min.) 

This one is sure to be a family favourite! This nacho platter comes loaded with delicious toppings that everyone can get excited about. Featuring ingredients such as chorizo sausage, tortilla chips, mozzarella cheese, tomato salsa, mixed olives, sour cream, chopped onions, and more, mealtime is now tastier than ever!

Hawaiian Prime Rib Burger with Grilled Pineapple and Sweet Mayo (30 min.) 

Nothing tops a good burger – especially one like this with all the fixings! This burger puts a modern spin on a classic favourite with the addition of grilled pineapple and sweet mayo. Now, you can have a restaurant-style meal right at home. This burger is everything you have dreamed of and more all sandwiched between a soft brioche bun.

Cumin Spiced shrimp with Roasted Veggies (30 min.)

For those who love to experience vibrant dishes, this one is for you! The cumin-spiced shrimp is pan-seared and served over squash, red bell pepper, and cabbage, giving every bite an incredible crunch. This recipe also features creamy avocado aioli, which truly brings the entire dish together for an explosion of flavour!

Veggie Taco Bowl with Beyond Meat and Mexican Style Rice (35 min.)

This deconstructed taco bowl packs a punch! It’s all your favourites piled into one dish, featuring Beyond Meat, Mexican basmati rice, crisp coleslaw, and lime crema. The flavours work so incredibly well together, making this kit is a must-try for your next mealtime.

You can find these menu items and more at Make sure to check out HelloFresh for more information on how to order your very own meal kits for your next mealtime.