HOLR breaks down the latest campaign involving a series of daring billboards going up across Toronto from Canadian wellness brand, Listen B*tch. 

Listen B*tch

All About Listen B*tch

Listen B*tch is heavily focused on affirmations, in which the brand is on a constant mission to help people rewire their brains to think more positively and become more resilient against negative self-talk. Best known for its cheeky deck of Affirmation Cards, Listen B*tch was co-founded by Canadian entrepreneurs Daniela Angelucci and Michelle Osei-Bonsu. You can also shop the brand’s Daily Affirmation Journal which is specially packed with daily writing prompts, crafted to help you create time and space to focus on the things that matter.

This season, the Canadian and women-owned brand, Listen B*tch, is thinking outside the box in terms of taking an unconventional approach to helping Torontonians and Canadians affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). As a brand that’s focused on championing the importance of self-care and providing wellness tools that are designed to “remind you who the f*ck you are,” Listen B*tch is changing the game when it comes to becoming your own cheerleader, your biggest hype-person, and your best defender with this new local campaign.

As a result, Canadian wellness brand, Listen B*tch is launching an iconic series of sassy billboards across Toronto as part of an effort to help uplift people struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Listen B*tch

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Did you know that 15% of Canadians will experience Seasonal Affective Disorder- AKA SAD- in their lifetime?

SAD is a type of depression that affects people during certain times of the year- namely in the fall and winter, as noted here. This type of depression is often triggered by seasonal elements such as shorter days and less daylight, also noted in this article.

Listen B*tch

Listen B*tch Latest Campaign

These billboards are part of the brand’s growing mental health initiative in which it hopes to raise awareness surrounding SAD and provide support to those affected by it. As part of the brand’s latest campaign, a series of daring billboards are going up across Toronto and will feature bold affirmations such as: “It might get dark at 4pm, but you have all the light you need inside you,” and “If your SAD is starting to kick in then kick the hell out of it.”

“People typically associate this time of year with holiday cheer, but the reality is that a lot of Canadians are enduring intense mental health challenges as they battle seasonal affective disorder and holiday stress,” says Listen B*tch co-founder, Daniela Angelucci. “And we know that these billboards aren’t a cure, but we’re hoping to give people the extra boost they may need to get through the day and help them realize that they’re not alone in this”.

Listen B*tch

As part of this upcoming initiative, Listen B*tch will also be donating a portion of profits in November to the Toronto branch of The Canadian Center for Addiction & Mental Health.

Where to Find the Listen B*tch Billboards

The 5 billboards situated across Toronto will feature various affirmations designed to “remind you who the f*ck you are.” Be sure to keep an eye out for the billboards to find one near you, because can find them posted across the city starting from October 30th, 2023 to December 30th, 2023 at the following locations:

College St and Clinton St

“This time of year isn’t easy so go easy on yourself.”

Queen St West and Augusta Ave

“It might get dark at 4pm but you have all the light you need inside you.”

Dundas St West and Mavety St

“If your SAD is starting to kick in then kick the hell out of it.”

Queen St W and Noble St NS

“You have so much to offer this world.”

Queen St West and Triller Ave

“It might get dark at 4pm but you have all the light you need inside you.”

Listen B*tch

Listen B*tch Tells All

Check out our full interview with the Listen B*tch founders below, to get an inside look at how the brand came to be, as well as how its latest campaign is taking over the city.

Tell us about how the brand, Listen B*tch, came to be.
The Listen B*tch brand was born in 2021. After a year like 2020 we were desperately in need of some positivity, and we figured everyone else was too. We kickstarted this journey when we struggled to find affirmation cards that sounded like us. Affirmations work best when they’re spoken with conviction, and we had trouble doing so when the tone and texture of the words we were seeing didn’t reflect how we actually spoke. And that’s not a knock on other affirmation cards out there – I’m sure many people find them helpful. But we needed affirmations that were more raw and more real, so we decided to do it ourselves. If you’re like us and you need a little sauce to hype yourself up and bring yourself back to your feet, then Listen B*tch affirmation cards might do the trick.

How are the Listen B*tch affirmation cards designed to “remind you who the f*ck you are”?
If you’re like us, sometimes it takes a little tough love to get words to cut through and take root. Listen B*tch affirmation cards are designed to give you the extra push you may need to rebuild your confidence or get our sh*t together. The words on these cards may sound familiar because they’re the types of words we actually say to the ones we love when we’re uplifting them. They’re unfiltered and raw – but they work. Listen B*tch affirmation cards take those words of love and encouragement and turn them inwards.

Listen B*tch

How does Listen B*tch play a role in championing the importance of self-care and wellness this season?
Listen B*tch believes in the importance of self-care year around, but we know mental health can be especially challenging during the winter seasons. Whether that’s SAD, holiday stress, or exam stress. We’re hoping to empower and uplift Canadians with a series of billboards displaying powerful affirmations across the city. We’re hoping these billboards spark discussion, raise awareness but above all else, make those who are suffering feel seen and uplifted. In addition to this, every unit sold during November will also have a portion of profits donated to CAMH.

Can you tell us more about the brand’s latest initiative involving a series of daring billboards going up across Toronto?
We’re doing this because contrary to popular belief, this time of year is often the most difficult period for a lot of Canadians because November is typically when seasonal affective disorder starts to peak. So while some people get wrapped up in holiday cheer, a lot of people are on a different trajectory and undergoing some pretty serious mental hardships. It is estimated that SAD makes up 10% of all reported cases of depression and approximately 15% of Canadians will experience SAD in their lifetime.

What are some of the brand goals you hope this initiative will accomplish?
Our hope is that this campaign will make people who are suffering feel seen and uplifted. And we’re hoping that people who are completely unaware of S.A.D will realize that people close to them may be suffering in silence and hopefully check in on their loved ones. We’re also aiming to raise funds for CAMH, supporting their remarkable research and community outreach initiatives.

Check out the brand’s website link here which features some helpful resources on SAD.

Published by HOLR Magazine.