What is wrong with Amanda Bynes?

The actress was placed on a psychiatric hold after being spotted walking around Los Angeles streets naked.

According to TMZ, Amanda Bynes was placed on a psychiatric hold after being spotted walking around the streets in Los Angeles naked and all by herself. As an eyewitness informed TMZ, the actress stopped a car and told the driver she had just experienced a psychotic episode. Then, Bynes called 911 and asked for support. Other sources informed TMZ that after being rushed to a police station, Amanda was put “on a 5150 psych hold“. Luckily, another insider told TMZ that the actress was not harmed and is now hospitalized and safe.

Amanda Bynes

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PageSix mentions that Amanda’s lawyer has not made any public statements on the incident. The same article cites her ex-fiancé s declarations on her status. She has been “off her meds”, he said.

Amanda Bynes Conservatorship

In 2013, the actress was placed under a conservatorship after several incidents, as mentioned here. The actress conservator was her mother, Lynn Bynes. In 2022, the conservatorship ended, after a judge concluded she no longer needs to be under supervision. The recent incident happened almost 1 year after the conservatorship’s end date.

The incidents happened shortly after she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Moreover, the actress also struggled with substance abuse, as noted in this article.

Amanda Bynes

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Bynes’ attorney, David Esquibias, talked to NPR about the conservatorship and made it clear it was nothing like the case of Britney Spears. “But Amanda’s conservatorship is nothing like Britney’s conservatorship,” he said. “Amanda’s conservatorship was a collaborative effort with her parents. There was no fighting between her and her mother or father. Everyone was working together, including Amanda.” Esquibias continued.

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