What has happened to Amanda Bynes?

Former child star Amanda Bynes returns to the entertainment industry with a new podcast and new look.

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Credit Image: Amanda Bynes @amandaamandaamanda1986

And now, after nearly a decade of being out of the spotlight, Amanda Bynes is making her comeback.

First let’s agree, she looks gorgeous with her blonde locks; beautiful and healthy which is great to see.

But secondly, Bynes announced she is hosting her own brand new podcast, Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast on Spotify.

Which debut on Spotify on Dec. 9.

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Bynes herself, spoke briefly on Instagram about what listeners can expect from the podcast.

“At first we are going to interview our friends and then we’re hoping to take it mainstream and interview celebrities and artists,” she said in the post.

The first episode of The Podcast.

In fact, during the first episode, Bynes kept largely to the role of interviewer where she and co host Paul Sieminski spoke with tattoo artist, Dahlia Moth.

Whom Bynes had previously met a few years earlier.

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Credit Image: Dahlia Moth @dahliamoth

Follow the link to listen to the first episode.

Amanda had seemingly wanted to avoid talking about herself on the podcast, at least for the moment, choosing instead to focus on her guest.

Although, her co-host Paul did most of the work throughout the episode, she seemed content with the direction her life seems to be heading now.

Amanda Bynes 2023

Previous years have been this side of nightmarish for the young woman.

Between her battles with mental illness, her nine year conservatorship and personal losses,

It’s genuinely heartwarming to see something going right for her.

That being said, she has done well in terms of seeking help for herself in the past couple of years as needed and did graduate from an Californian fashion school in 2019.

So, she already has a lot to proud of but it’s great there’s more.

Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast is also available in video format.

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