Looking for a must-listen educational podcast? Money Moves is perfect for figuring out how to make money work for you.

Make your money work for you with tips from Lauren Simmons- the youngest person ever to trade on the New York Stock Exchange- in Money Moves, a Spotify Original Podcast.

As mentioned on Spotify’s website, this podcast is hosted by Simmons, and is a must-listen show where in which she “shares tips on how to make money work for you and shift your financial mindset to live your best life.”

Learn all the best tips and tricks for taking your money further thanks to Simmons’ take on the subject. For instance, this past holiday season we saw an episode come out detailing holiday spending trends and what it means for the economy. Simmons has a ton of great educational content available for everyone, including tips on home-buying, investments, and stocks.

Be sure to tune into Money Moves for the latest tips and tricks on how to navigate your spending habits to determine how to make your money work for you.

Listen to Money Moves today on Spotify here.