Ammolite is a rare gemstone with a remarkable history. It is in just one place on Earth, the Canadian province of Alberta. The stone was created by prehistoric insects that lived nearly 100 million years ago, and it takes 70 million years for the ammolite to form. Ammolite jewelry is often seen as a fashion statement because its beautiful colors are so unique.

One can find ammolites in many shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any occasion or style preference. They are also often mistaken for opal or labradorite when people first see them at jewelers.

With their rich history, variety of styles, and stunning appearance, ammolites are extraordinary stones that provide you with beauty and knowledge about the planet’s past life forms.


Things You Need to Know About Ammolite Jewelry


  • It’s Rare


Ammolite is a rare and beautiful gemstone found in only one location globally, the Bearpaw Formation of Alberta, Canada. It’s also known as ammonite fossil, or by its scientific name, aragonite. The unique rainbow-colored stones make jewelry with names like “butterfly” and “peacock.” It is rare because of its unavailability. Ammolite is a fossil ammonite shell of extinct ammonoids. It is an iridescent gemstone prized by collectors and jewelry artisans alike. Ammonites are members of the cephalopod family, which includes squid, octopus, cuttlefish, and nautilus. Cephalopods died out with the dinosaurs 75 million years ago. They have been found in Utah, England, Morocco, Madagascar, but with the lower quality, they can’t be compared with the Bearpaw formation ammolite gemstone.


  • They are Unique


Ammolite has been a gemstone for centuries, but only in the last few years have people started noticing. These pieces can take many forms, such as jewelry or trinkets made out of ammoline rock. Ammolites are created when an ammonium-rich shellfish dies, producing an environment rich with ammonia, creating layers of aragonite crystals inside the shell’s nacre layer. 


These layered formations create beautiful patterns on the outside surface as they grow to create this unique stone that humans have prized for centuries. The reason why ammolite is so unique is that it’s never found in nature. Instead, it is created through fossilization. The process starts when an urchin or other mollusk dies and leaves behind its shell on the ocean floor. Over time, layers of minerals from around these shells create this rare gemstone with fantastic coloration. 


  • Have a variety of colors


These unique specimens are prized for their iridescent colors. They range from greens to deep reds, purples, and oranges. But, usually red and green are the most popular colors while blue and violet colors are rare and cost more. That may be partly due to the minerals found alongside the fossil beds, including calcite, silica, iron oxides, and pyrite (fool’s gold.)

Along with these different colors comes a unique iridescence of rainbow sheen. It gives every piece of ammolite jewelry a distinct sparkle. This same film is found on other types of mother-of-pearl such as abalone, conch, and nacreous oyster.

How to Take Care of Ammolite Jewelry 

To take care of this beautiful jewel, you’ll need to:


  • The first thing you want to do is make sure your ammolite jewelry doesn’t get wet, which could cause water spots or rust on the metal parts. You also don’t want to wear these types of pieces in places with a lot of dirt or dust because this will build up on top and scratch away at the stone over time. 
  • Clean your ammolite jewelry with a soft cloth and warm water. Never use any chemical substances on your stones as they could damage them. Rub gently remove dirt and grime from the stone’s surface, then rinse off with cool water. Dry with a clean towel or let air dry.
  • Store your ammolite jewelry in a fabric-lined box to avoid contact with other metals that may cause damage to the stones. 
  • Ensure you don’t store them next to anything tarnished or highly flammable, since they can be very fragile.
  • Never expose your ammolites to direct sunlight because it could fade their color and affect their clarity.
  • Ammolites are incredibly delicate, so you should only wear them occasionally to protect your investment. 
  • Be careful with how much heat is applied not to damage the stone itself or change its appearance over time. 



Ammolite is a unique gemstone that requires special care to ensure its beauty lasts. It comes in many colors. It has become popular because of its rarity and beauty, but it can still be difficult to find anywhere other than the town in Canada. Ammolites are so unique, they have been classified as their mineral group by geologists. If you’re looking for something with an interesting backstory, ammolites might just fit your bill.