What are the best products for hair growth?

Finding effective products for healthier hair isn’t always the easiest task when the internet is overflowing with products and suggestions. So this year as the world went into lockdown, I found it to be an opportune moment to start testing products until I found what would actually work in bringing my hair back to a healthier state. After years of adding highlights to my hair and then one harsh bleach job last year, I wanted to help my hair recover the best way I could. Six months later, after testing many products, I found 5 products that have made a world of a difference on my hair length and thickness. Also, learn more about the nail rubbing technique for hair growth. 

Viviscal Hair Growth Shampoo

While I typically rotate between different shampoos every couple of months, I keep coming back to the Viviscal Hair Growth Shampoo. Made with Ana:Tel™, a proprietary complex containing clinically tested ingredients derived from natural sources, such as pea sprouts and grape seeds, biotin, keratin and zinc, this shampoo has helped my hair grow so much quicker than it used to. The shampoo has a gentle cleansing effect on the scalp that creates an ideal environment for hair growth. Not only does my hair feel and look so much healthier, it also feels thicker as Viviscals unique blend of ingredients helps to reduce shedding, which inevitably leads to thicker hair.

In addition to the shampoo, I also really love the Viviscal Hair Growth Supplement, which has significantly reduced hair shedding in combination of using it with the shampoo. In my opinion, it is one of the best multivitamins for women as it contains other vitamins and minerals that also support the whole body. 

Hair Growth mask

RioBabe Ultra Moisturizing and Strengthening Hair Mask

The RioBabe Hair Mask is packed with nutrients that hydrate and strengthen your hair from the inside out. With an intense conditioning treatment provided by Natural Keratin, Jojoba, Buriti, and Coconut Oils, this is the most unique and powerful hair mask for hair growth. I use the hair mask twice a week in place of a conditioner and it makes my hair feel so much healthier and stronger. The mask works by penetrating the hair cuticle, which has helped to repair my hair and strengthen it. It also works wonders on hydrating my hair, leaving it feeling so much silkier after every wash. Outside of this masks effectiveness it smells great and is made from 100% vegan, ethically sourced, all-natural ingredients derived directly from the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

In addition to the RioBabe Hair Mask, I have also been taking the RioBabe Hair and Skin Beauty Vitamins, which taste great and contain over 6000mcg of Biotin, Marine Collagen and PABA. This combination of ingredients creates an ideal environment in your body for hair growth and smoother skin.

Vegamour Gro Serum review

Vegamour Gro Hair Serum

The Vegamour Gro Hair Serum is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and enhanced with powerful new phyto-actives known to inhibit DHT production, extend the hair’s growth phase, and protect and strengthen the roots to bring you thicker, fuller hair. I’ve been using the Vegamour serum every day for 3 months and my hair has been growing at an incredibly fast rate. I have a ton of baby hairs growing in leading to thicker hair, much quicker, since I bleached my hair last December. Outside of my own results, the studies that Vegamour has done showed that the serum visibly increases hair density up to 50%, while reducing loss from combing and washing by up to 76% by month four. I prefer using a serum than a hair growth oil as it allows you to go longer in between washes, while still being effective. 

best products hair growth

Coco and Eve Deep Clean Scalp Scrub

The Coco and Eve Deep Clean Scalp Scrub is a pre-shampoo scalp treatment that leaves hair super-clean and keeps your scalp healthy by eliminating product build-up, combating oil and a flaky scalp. The scrub also contains caffeine and peppermint, 2 ingredients which create a healthy environment for hair growth. The scrub smells amazing and I use it once a week, in particular after days of styling my hair and using hair spray.

Collagen Hair growth Product

Age Quencher Collagen Protein Powder

This is the best collagen powder for hair growth that I’ve tried! It contains 3300 mg of Marine Collagen Peptides, which absorbs much better in the body that other types of collagen. It also contains five other ingredients that are great for overall health but for hair growth too. The formula contains 20g of lactose-free New Zealand Whey Powder, probiotics, silica and Vitamin C. The Age Quencher formulas are the cleanest on the market that I’ve come across, they’re ethically sourced and FDA and Health Canada approved. The best part? It was developed by a naturopathic doctor that actually cares about what goes into your body. Since putting it in my smoothie every morning, I’ve noticed a huge difference with my hair, skin and nails.

Rubbing Nails for Hair Growth

You may have heard about how rubbing your nails can lead to hair growth. While it is not a product but a technique, it can be effective in reducing hair shedding, and creating longer, stronger hair. How does rubbing your nails for hair growth work? Rubbing your nails together for 10-20 minutes a day can increase blood circulation in the scalp. This technique in turn strengthens the hair follicles, which can lead to better hair growth. It is a form of reflexology known as Balsam Yoga. How do you run your nails for hair growth. Simply make your palms face each other and curl your fingers in toward your palm forming a half fist. Then begin to rub the nails together. The friction that it creates, helps to increase blood flow to the scalp. For a video tutorial watch this Youtube video.

Do hair growth products work? With consistent use, they do. Most of the best hair growth products listed are available on Amazon.