Are Amy and Johnny still together following the latest episode drop from Love is Blind season 6? HOLR breaks down the claims. CAUTION: Love is Blind season 6 episode 12 spoilers ahead.

Amy Cortes Love is Blind

In the latest episode drop of Love is Blind we saw Amy and Johnny say “I do” to one another at the altar. As one of the strongest relationships of the season, it was no surprise to many that these two were going to say yes to one another during their wedding ceremony.

Although the duo struggled with conversations surrounding children and birth control, they were able to work out their opinions in previous episodes and seemed to solidify a strong connection with one another from the start.

It looks like the duo had the fairytale ending we had all hoped for on Season 6 of the Netflix series! However, are they still together to this day?

Johnny McIntyre Love is Blind

Right now, it is unclear if the pair are still together and married following this episode, as they have not yet confirmed their relationship status on social media. There is likely a reunion episode taking place soon so we may have to wait and see where the couple stands as they likely can’t reveal this yet.

We hope that Johnny and Amy are still as happy as they were on Love is Blind but we will have to stay tuned to see what the future holds for them. They were definitely the strongest couple of the season so we will have to wait and see if they continue to be as strong following the series finale.

What are your thoughts on the duo saying “I do”? Do you think they’re still together? 

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