Waterfront Awards nominee Lannette Jamieson chatted with HOLR Magazine to discuss her early career as a high performing gymnast and dancer, and how her near death experience led to her deep understanding of the collective and the divine within humanity. Her book, The Seed Movement, teaches how individuals can embody themselves by transforming pain and limitations, and, understanding of heaven and other dimensions.

Author of The Seed Movement, Lanette Jamieson

Tell me a little bit about yourself and how The Seed came about? 

Sure, so it’s been over 20 years ago now, I had a heart surgery. Prior to this, I was a high-performing gymnast and ballerina—was extremely healthy, was in top shape, and was trained well. I would spend hours in the gym, around 32 hours a week. Some of my colleagues trained to become Olympians and proceeded in that direction. But due to my injury, I missed the opportunity of joining the Olympics.

My heart condition, Cardiac Tachycardia, was very rare that only one other person in the world at the time had it. This meant that my heart rate was accelerate and fluctuate at an unstable rate. I would often pass out which was not very ideal. So I had to go through six different heart surgeries and inserted a pacemaker to try and normalize my heart rate. During this journey, I’ve also dealt with challenges along the way where for instance, the pacemaker was not placed properly. Since I was a little girl, I’m able to see across the veil—as scary as it sounds for others, and it was never really normal for me. But as I grow and become accustomed in the system while being surrounded by my family, I’ve learned to sort of turn down or turn it off completely. And so during my last heart procedure, I went to the “other side.” I don’t exactly remember what I experienced but it was universal law. I came back [from the other side], having trouble understanding of my time spent there—which felt like here but time wasn’t real; we participate in creating that here. But in reality, I could see that time doesn’t really exist and that we are eternal beings. During that experience, I also got to see why the universal law went against it because we are fixing a lot right now and need a lot of help from the inside. As a result, The Seed was planted inside me and I had to be uncomfortable with my life, choices, and practices. My family has always been into alcohol, drinking lots of wine and this was an everyday occurrence. And these sort of practices makes the connection difficult. So I had to break learned and conditioned routines, to be able to step in and choose myself and this mission. Along this way I’ve learned to not please everyone as it came from a place of ego and this allowed me to free my soul and my healing began.

What are some specific practices or techniques you use or that you would suggest to other people who are in the process of their own healing and awakening?

So what I have a deep understanding at this point in time is that everyone is the same. We all have apathy and it’s a really beautiful special gift. In addition, we are supposed to be quite in-tune with the heavens and be very connected with the “divine” as we are divine beings. In a way, we are uniquely different but, generally speaking, we’ve all dealt with the same issues and same problems. And this shared-experiences have led to our “oneness”. Once you’ve entered “oneness” you operate as a “we”, all in one. And what I could really see is that we give ourselves traumas and experiences to overcome and be able to step into an awakened state. Our soul is very powerful and we manifest  in our higher self and that’s not usually the way people operate in a place of me, myself, and I. For instance, people will look at things as a terrible tragedy or trauma and some will say they’ve had a bad luck lately and I would tell ‘no, you manifested that’. And this leads to a conversation about why they gave themselves these beautiful experiences to overcome.

In return, this takes away from the judgement and criticism. This allows you to feel deeply about how to overcome when you take away your own judgement and criticism on your own experiences. In this day and age, especially in North America, that sense of righteousness and operating from a place of ego gets tiring and this is often learned and conditioned in our system and families and our own ways. And when I travel all over the world with The Seed, there is this dense energy because of the collective around us. This creates so much judgement, criticism, and everyone draws up an opinion before you hear the story or even before you speak. A lot of the times it’s based on what you look like and how we are presented and it’s not real; it’s a weakness. And the best way to step in to experience is, seeing, a graceful and beautiful, flowing of ebb in their awakening—to stop judging and criticizing themselves. And when they do that, they stop doing it to themselves as well as with the people around them.

It seems that it requires a lot of teachings and so, would it be fair to say that awareness is the first step? 

Yes absolutely. When people are uncomfortable with the energy that I’m pulling in because I meditate with many people at this point in time, and when I’m pulling in these loving, beautiful high vibrational energies, which are divine energy, you cross over that veil. When you’re in that heavenly state, everything is listed. You imagine, for a moment, all the pressure that you feel such as feeling afraid, nervous, or any form of sadness—they become listed. It leads a person to feel a sense of buoyancy, they feel light, and just have so much love.

In this reality, people such as yourself are acting as a bridge between different dimensions. What is your advice to people who come into contact with a soulmate or a fractal who is not yet awake?

The meaning of bridging as it applies to The Seed and many light workers, is reaching a 3D world to around 5 to 7D. This means the energy is everything such feelings and the air itself—and this is all science. It goes to show that science understands love can be held, expanded , and it’s the most powerful energy on the planet. This is a good information because those who are awakened only need what’s in their heart. There is no need for a teacher, a healer, or a guru. They only need that connection to the “divine” which is easily explained in different ways such as listening to Mozart by pulling in music. If people can be aware when they operate from ego by being money-driven, driven by sex and fear, they can lift themselves from left brain into right brain effortlessly.

How does someone’s past life translate into their current life and how can we continuously go back to remember our core? 

The reason why past life is so important is you gain an understanding that you’re eternal. One of the things we need to overcome as humans is the fear of death. Instead, I look at death as a transition from this life into whatever awaits me. And I feel like if we can lift the fear of death and understand that we are eternal souls, you can be aware of it.

How does individual soul fractals or individuals part of our soul family come into our life at different times to activate different things within us to continue a mission together?

Think of it as you being part of the collective and understand that this is god-consciouness. Think of every soul on the planet and your soul in heaven before you enter your new life. The Seed is planted and you’ve got your fractal family and its 144 souls. Some of the souls can be across the veil and this is a beautiful way of showing that their life mission all interconnect in some way. As long as we dissipate the ego of separation similar to how we worship the dollar, we are able to thrive as humanity.

What would you say to someone who is in the process of calling their social groups or trying to find their mission in life?

Well, you don’t actually find or seek them; you release into it and they come. This idea of  “star sould chakra” that is above your head like a lighthouse. This allows you to lift you DNA to point where you’re in high vibration and manifesting things that align with your heart. This the lighthouse shine and your soul family will come effortlessly. And so, it’s an ebb and flow released, not forced.

Can you tell us a bit about the films you’re creating and where we can find your book?

My book is out on Amazon Kindle book and its called The Seed Movement, Part One. My audio meditations are on Patreon where you can have a library of meditations for as little as ten dollars a month. One out of the three films is a light film with a deep meaning and it’s about people who are not spiritually awake but one understands it. The second film is a documentary on my team of clairvoyance where will be showing telepathy and levitating, and the film will be shot in Rome. The third film is a big motion picture, with some of the most renowned people in film and in television, and public figures. These people I saw in heaven deeply and I openly discuss this in the film.

Get a copy of Lanette’s book, The Seed Movement, here.